Level 30 feedback

Hit level 30 and i have to be honest it feels meh. Dont get me wrong theres plenty of mobs and quest to do but the issue is perhaps my weapon and armour choices.

Bow feels off theres something about it, right click takes too long and hip firing is rubbish. Close range shots do not work due to cursor and camera angle and head shots dont always register. But the biggest issue is crowd control. Even npc run with rockets up there butts and its nice they dont run in a straight line but omg! Some of them skills are like auto aiming and follow your movements.
I changed to light armour and even that roll does not give you space, evade shot doesn’t give you space and the 2m knock back is rubbish. Would of preferred a knock down. And roll taking 50% stam makes it difficult. I unlocked a slow perk and wow lasted 2 secs. Devs Really? Not worth the point investment. After performing penetrator shot there is a delay to which you cannot right click. Rolling back bypasses this. In conclusion bow needs cc improvements. there goes my archery dream.
Of course swapping to a melee gets rid some of this

Xp feels nice and out of crafting only two are draging. Fishing and logging i feel they need greater gains.

My biggest turn off of the game and its seen me log in less and stay logged on less is solo weapon xp i feel like im playing a grind fest and getting weapon xp is nearly as much drag as loggiing

Last thing i want to give feed back is mob agro griefing. Earlier tonight i was questing and had to kill a mob and joined in an area where two other players was waiting. They attacked so i joined in. After one of them disappeared running past about 6 mobs and instead of agroing the player, all come straight for me. Trapping me on a tree and ai body blocking me so coukd not move. Death.

Its Early days but i hope your reading feedback.

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