Level 60 and pvp

Hello AGS,

I have recently leveled up my first character to 60 to do explicitly pvp and I can not understand how my experience can be so bad.

First of all I did faction quests to get pvp gear level 525. It was a nightmare. Only one weapon cost 50k. The quests are very far away from each other and the quest where you have to kill Players of other faction is useless. I had it the complete time there and I couldn’t do it even once. The reason is because not all are in pvp mode and those who are prefer to skip me to keep doing their stuffs. So for me is absolutely not fun run after someone that doesn’t want to fight. The elite quests are also hard to do solo and the reward is not exceptionally better than any other quests.

For me the most fun was that after do this complete sacrifice to notice that i could get the gear from the AH and with more gs with only paying…

Then I went to my firsts bgs and I noticed like there was a huge difference of power between me and others. My damage was like doing tickles while the others were practically killing me in a few hits.

So after do many disappointing bgs I thought: ok, I went through the complete game to do pvp and now I see I can not enjoy it because I’m complete underpowered even if I did the big sacrifice to get the faction gear.

Others pay to friends or have guilds where they craft so many voidbent pieces as necessary to have the perks they want without almost not work at all.

I do 2 bgs per day only to get the gypsum. There is no other reason or reward for me to do pvp. Because I don’t even enjoy it. Between the lag and that I’m only good to do pve inside of the only pvp bg we have, and have to be careful that no one comes to abuse of me and lose everything without chance to defend my self, I really don’t know why I’m playing this game and for what.

I know that if i just close my eyes and I keep going someday I will have better gear and high expertise. But what about the now?

Who can guarantee me that the next patchs are not going to move my objective further and in the end be in the same place?

What about the reward for those that do pvp because they like pvp?

The people that have good gear and do pvp is because they got it through friends. Doing pve and farming like ants, but not doing pvp!!!

I’m terrible disappointing with the current status of the game. And I wish it were different because generally I like it. But to be honest with you I have to be honest with me. I can not enjoy of the pvp at level 60.

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