Level 60 Boring... am I done with it all

I have posted this b4 and I know I will get grief for this. But I cannot get myself interested in the game after hitting level 60. It is grind grind grind just to get a few if any expertise points and forget about gear drops. Can anyone suggest a way to make the grind more interesting. Also trying to get others to join for help is a major pain. Maybe it is jut me but I think not.
Luckily Red Dead Redemption 2 is on sale and even though no one is playing multi player on that game anymore I have always wanted to do the main story grind.
So with that all said who know when I will get back into New World. It was fun while it lasted.


Just do it casually

If you purely focus on it, you’re gonna get burned out quick. It’s for sure a rough grind. I made a 2nd character on fresh, and it’s been harsh doing the expertise grind again.

NOW, it’s substantially easier than it used to be. A lot faster. I’m close to having everything to 600.

Just one of them MMO grinds. If you don’t like PvP or the dungeon crawl, the game may not be for you.

That’s legit what the game is right now.

Finding a solid company will help with the grind. Make it a little more entertaining.

Totally agree. I left shortly after BSS update. Now I just play on the forums. Maybe I’ll return for the next “content” update depending on what it is.

So many great games out right now no need to waste any more time on this dying game.


What do you enjoy in this game? Let’s start there.

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I am in a company but like you and I both agree on the grind sucks. Maybe I take a break but I am not big on PVP and that is where the game is at after level 60

I liked getting to level 60 and seeing progress but now the progress bar just sits there dormant and it feels like I am accomplishing nothing…

The expertise system could fill that void for you. You can do it through gypsum if you don’t like dungeons or chest runs. You can buy 2 per day (do three faction quests to get bonus tokens and gold), you can do the diamond gypsum daily, trade skill gypsum, and topaz (2) per day as well. That’s 5-6 gear bumps per day.

Plus the main story and side quests in the desert give a lot of gypsum orbs too.

Post 60 grind is legit pushing for 600 expertise, then dungeon grind a purple 625 set for ancient, lost, corrupted, and angry earth.

If you pvp, gear grind for 625 and linking up with a pvp company to take territories.

This is really all the game has to offer atm.

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RD2 is an amazing game, hope you have fun experiencing it! :wink:

Regearding the grind (be it GS or anything else): Joining a company and bringing along some friends for the ride is always a fun time. Don’t try to force it as this will only lead to frustration.

One of the best ways I have found to maintain my solo enjoyment of the game, in my 4300+ hours of playtime, is to tackle group (5m) content as a solo player. One of the best ways to do this is to solo the level 65 corruption zones!

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from the people i know that recently started playingg new world again expertise grind is the biggest reason most of them quit. having to run 2-3 days of genesis is just so boring.

Uhm. U mean to get to 600gs ?
Its allready so extreme easy to run few dungeons a day and hit 600 in less then a week.
Not sure why people play mmo if they dont want to play an mmo

It’s annoying but if you like the game, is not bad. If you don’t like the game, then quitting is the way to go

This happens when someone with zero MMORPG experience comes to play MMORPG …

NW is one of the least grindy MMOs rn :wink: it took me exactly 16 Expedition runs (Laza/Barnacles/Tempest/Genesis), 2 chest runs and gypsums which I got from quests to get to 600. Around 20 hours of in-game time. No focus on it, I just got it naturally while doing lvl 60 dungeons for faction quests/named gear I wanted).

Good luck in other games.

yeah and then you need 5 different 625 sets for mutations

And after that you can start to get another 500-800k running the same mutations to gear out your pvp gear.

You know that nobody is forcing you to play this game right? If you don’t like it, then just move on. Have fun on RDR2

So hey guys, I got this game called an MMORPG and don’t like the concept of long term progression and gaming off rails. So I made this post with a ton of details on why. Thanks for reading.


Imho it should be possible to get gearscore bumps through Mob grinding.

Especially because the Open World is useless besides chest runs or farming Material. You can’t achieve anything through grinding.

What’s funny to me is that if you do all the “chest run” content as a 5-man group, you actually do gain substantial expertise gains!!