Level 60 Progression - Clarification please? (+ Reekwater bugs)

Could we please get an AGS response to exactly how loot drops work for Tier V gear.

I have an overall Gear Score of 500, my crafted armour is all 515-525, my weapons 500, and my jewellery around 460-470 (Waiting for T5 Outfitting Station), yet all the loot I am getting is between 500-505 except for Tanners and Miners gear which seems to drop around 560.

I have heard things about how your gear score affects loot drops, so for example I need to get 505 gear so that I can start getting 510 etc etc. Does this take into account crafted gear? Or do I need to start wearing looted armour that is worse than my crafted armour? Also Genesis and Lazarus only drops these gear scores too which seems crazy because at this Gearscore they are pretty difficult and so don’t seem worth the time and investment required.

Additional Feedback on Reekwater

This area and it’s quests need some serious QA passes, many of the quests require you to interact with a quest object in the world which then spawns NPC’s in waves for you to defend/attack. The problem is each time a player interacts with them it spawns another set of them without clearing the previous ones, and so you result in getting dozens of these npc’s spawned on top of eachother.

Myself and a couple friends managed to cheese our way through these by finding high ground for a healer and ranged dps, while a tank just gets staggered around the place hopelessly trying to keep his shield up while we clear the ridiculous amount of npc’s that other players had spawned and had to abandon.

There are a number of these quest types found in reekwater, it seems a new developer was used to create these quests compared to the other areas of the game, or at the very least he was trying something new and this was not picked up during testing.

There is also another quest to find the blight bringer and destroy two objects, the blight bringer just looks like all the other npc’s so difficult to find, and the objects on the ground look like saltpeter but are not highlighted in blue like other objects so again, insanely difficult to find. The environment effects in these azoth themed places are very attractive and colourful but they make things like this very difficult to see without guidance, especially when you have lv60 elite bears running at you.

Overall, I enjoy reekwaters aesthetics, a decent range of enemy types, some welcomed additions and some not so welcome ones, the elite sprout plants are stupidly annoying and agressive, but hey we wanted difficult right?


Increasing the drop watermark is apparently a very very slow grind and there’s nothing you can do to bump it forward (crafted, quest, bought stuff won’t change it).
To be able to get a 510 helmet, you would still need to get a 505 helmet to drop for you, which would have a low chance to happen from high level enemies… And then the same for 515, 520, all the way to 600, for each type of gear separately.

It just has to drop or you have to wear it? Also just once or X amount of times?

From what I understand, you don’t even need to pick the drops up. You just need to actually get better gear to drop and then your hidden loot maximum for the gear part will increase by a tick.
The higher the GS, the higher enemies you’ll need to kill and 500 starts at lvl60 or 61 I think.
So basically farm elite areas (preferrably lvl65, e.g., myrkgaard) in a group for 2 eternities and you will get to 600 on all parts.

Or just wait 3 months for crafted 600 gear and buy it all xd.

Once a 510 drops, you’ll start having a chance to get 515. The drops will still be 500-515 and only very rarely you’ll get that 515. Bosses probably have higher chance to drop the high end I would guess.
I’ve also heard about “pity timer/counter” - if you don’t drop some part for a very long time, eventually it will appraoch a guaranteed drop. So generally you should probably be seeing all parts going up at similar rate, not something like axes at 580 and helmets at 520.

I guess for the gear score issue have you tried farming your faction gear? I believe the level 60 ones all give 530 GS.

apparently this doesn’t work, one of the reasons why i was asking is because I could with minimal effort craft gear this high already.

I tried to look more into this and found a some what helpful video explaining it. Luck Matters in New World and This is Why - Amazon Games New World MMO - YouTube

Also check out the New world data base for loot drop areas.

I am stuck in Paths Unseen and Burden of Atonement dryad ́s trial of penance, impossible to finish to many mobs y same spot like 10 in 1 cm

I managed to do them with 2 friends and some great difficulty, have ranged and healer stand where they hit and have a tank keep agro. they need to fix these issues fast as it will get way out of control once the large bulk hit the area at once.

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