Leveling Speed Is Too Fast

Hello and good day!

I wanted to provide feedback on the leveling speed, how it is too fast, and how that impacted my gameplay. This is from my FSS experience, and my previous experience was in alpha.

With gathering to the point of “full loads” on each return to town (gathering skill xp), basic refinement and crafting (more tradeskill xp), side quests (quest xp), basic pve faction missions (faction xp), expedition and expedition quests (expedition xp), and the massive amount of xp from the main story quest (msq xp), I ended up skipping vast majorities of the territories altogether due to severe overleveling.

That’s 6 very good xp gaining activities that synergize almost too well. I couldn’t not be overleveled.

Basically, my feedback is not to “just slow it down.” Rather, my critique is that I’ve missed out on well over 75% of created content by just playing the game! Now, my ocd-ness will “allow” me to go back and clean up all those quests, but I’m unsure if others will do that.

It would be terrible for people to miss out on some of the riveting “local lore,” actually cool zone specific final story quests, beautiful vistas, “secret” resource spots, and so on, just because they had the opportunity to zoom past it all to get to WTs, etc.

Of note, there are two more things. I didn’t do any portals (portal xp). They were considerably harder than alpha, so I skipped them solo. If I was running a duo, I’m sure these would’ve added a seventh xp path. Also, I didn’t invest any of my territory standing points into XP gain. I can only imagine getting the 5% (and more) boost from this kind of investment.