Leveling up is way too slow

I feel like I have to be doing something wrong, because leveling up my character through normal means is WAY too slow. From what I hear, town board projects are the fastest way to level up, and even that can take a while. I shouldn’t have to essentially buy my way to level 60, it’s just not fun or fulfilling. Although I wouldn’t agree with it, I’d be able to understand slow leveling if they were offering XP boosts that you could buy with real money. But they’re not doing that, so what is AGS gaining from giving us such slow leveling?

Maybe there’s be a faster, more fun way to level up and I just don’t know about it. If so, let me know.

Yea, I think people are done with it taking weeks/months to get max level in a game. It should probably take <30 hours to get to 60 and <10 hours to get to GS 600.

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I know that the main story quest progression XP has been about doubled from the start, this primarily made it where you don’t need to do every side quest in an area before you were ready to move on. And previously, you would even have to supplement this with townboards to meet the level to begin in the new area for your quest.

I believe the ideal vision was to compress the time it took to 60, but still require the gauntlet to each area be run for the MSQ to get maxed. I do remember previously getting stuck and having to run town boards before i could move on and this was frustrating. This was also why a lot of people i know never made it past level 40 or so.

I think leveling shouldn’t be as much of a slog to be sure, but i couldn’t say what minimum and maximum times should be. I personally feel like if you can run the content and reliably level without reaching out to grind separately it’s probably in a good place. Or it should at the very least feel like the content itself will get you there, provided it’s at least entertaining (which i think should be the point)

However i know that some people would rather skip content, and linear progression simply to get to maximum level super quickly, for pvp ect. And to that, i feel like there should be a better progression system for pvp that encourages and rewards people going that route as they level up. IE upscaled OPR/Arena, that sets new players up to minimum required GS to compete, and rewards substantial amounts of leveling XP for participating.

This might reduce some friction, just some shower thoughts :revolving_hearts:

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From what i have read recently people outlevel already the MSQ only doing MSQ and some few sidequests.

Getting to max Level should therefore take around 40-45h, which is a reasonable timespan for a MMORPG, especially if there is no reason to twink just to be able to play a different weapon or role …

Its a one time effort

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So, one and a half week of casual playing and you are at the very endgame? I know, some or most games do that nowadays, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.
Just explore the world, gather many things, craft your own stuff, do some quests on the way and enjoy it. Gathering and crafting give a lot of xp btw.


See though…isn’t much end game to begin with. End game doesn’t really start until you’re fully 600 gs, then start pushing to 625.

  1. Do MSQ
  2. Do side quests
  3. Pick up only townboards which you like and can do simultaniously to MSQ/side quests
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I think the issue is that many people want to RUSH to level 60, expecting to maximize effiency in the levelling process, whereby you won’t have the most fun experience this way.

Take vanilla wow for example - for many, the leveling experience was amazing, as you venture out to this new world like never before. And then Classic WoW came out, and for me and many others, it was all about trying to hit 60, aoe and killing mobs efficiently and quickly as possible to not waste time. I think since many the many MMO’s that had been released, a lot of players have this urgency to try and hit level cap ASAP, without really trying to enjoy the process.

Ultimately, I think the real issue comes down to New Worlds leveling process for the most part, as you are faced to kill the same type of mobs from level 1 - 60, and the experience feels tedious. I’d like to imagine if it was improved overall, and the quest design was much more interesting and fun - there would be less of an issue levelling at a slower pace, as the process in it self is enjoyable. These are my thoughts, im sure others may or may not agree.


You can move past thinking that to knowing that. :wink:

Player races to level cap as soon as possible, blasting past every piece of content, lore, story, everything. A little while later, same player “There’s no content in this game!!”


The problem with New World is the leveling is extremely repetitive. You basically do the same few types of quests over and over again in new zones versus new monsters (or maybe the same mobs), but it is more or less the same experience. Additionally, mid-game is the exact same as the end game. You grind laz, gen, tempest, etc. to boost your gear score. Then you do them over again to get 590+ items. Then you do them AGAIN as mutations to get to 625. No rational person would think this this is a fun experience. Might as well just let people get to 600 GS pretty quickly before they recognize the bad gameplay loop, so they can enjoy other aspects of the game, like PvP.

Would you also like to get bis gear just for logging in everyday while we’re at it?


I don’t know man. The game needs players.

I primarily pvp and I consider pvp the true game of new world and, therefore, the game doesn’t even really begin until you get to level 60 and GS 590+.

if you join a company that owns a territory, you can go for daily funding. I don’t do that but its a good way to get a daily gain. collecting chests in elite areas is a great way to get money. because you can scavenge weapons and armor and get money from that. elite chests drop the most weapons and armor.
you can also sell the rare crafting mats at the store like rare solvents and tanner (the blue items). purchasing raw materials and upgrading them and selling them is a good way to make money and level up fast. hitting level +40 corruption zones pay 150 each I think.

I actually enjoyed the leveling at launch. That was mostly because I enjoyed going to the new areas and stuff. On the flip side, I have made two alts that I havent gotten past level 30 before I said screw this lol. Couldn’t even be bothered with it during dbl xp.

ye and that is kinda good it is locked behind lvling…

it is an mmo…

& ppl will get bored after playing only pvp for a few weeks…

I guess everyone is different. My highest mutated dungeon level is 7 on laz. I’m level 1 on every other dungeon. I’m 625 GS, and I just pvp. I think PvP is the only reason to play New World, but you probably disagree, which is cool.

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Runic gear. They’re working on that.

I don’t think MMOs are your type of game.

Bro, this is one of the fastest leveling games ever


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