Levels of Punishment - Toxicity

Just curious if someone says “fuck off and die you retarded moron”

Do you think this is:

1 - Acceptable behavior and part of the internet
2- Should result in a sanction or temporary ban; or
3- Perma-ban

Just curious everyone’s thoughts on this so we can figure out what we can and can’t say to each other.


In the perfect utopian world imo it should be 3.

But in reality I guess 2 is enough.

2 and then 3 if it happens again.


Cause those are the real issues with the game lol

I mean, it’s part of it yeah.

Why would I want to log into a buggy, broken game, make a mistake (in game) because of the poor optimization only to be met with “Go kill yourself you fucking retard”

Sounds like a real issue now right?


I think it would be a sign that someone knows far too much about me and my plans for a long, unproductive life.

If you can’t be a total douche on the internet then the world has gone to hell.

Let the snowflakes melt

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