[LF Syndicate Company] US West El Dorado

I’ve been playing since Alpha, but have yet to find a good non-toxic group of people who won’t kick me because of my schedule. I work in Healthcare, and in some of my free time I’m a DJ. enough said about not having loads of time.
My average expertise is 582, GS is almost 600. I largely haven’t been playing because all my friends left the game long ago. But I feel like if I can find a good core group of people who are actually willing to help each other, I’d play a lot more.
I’m interested in all aspects of the game. I’m also a Master Armoursmith but I lack all the trophies and a few clothing pieces. So I haven’t done much with it.
My current faction allignment is Syndicate.
Anything else you’d like to know, please let me know. :smiley:

Guess it depends on you want to do. Pvp or pve or both. If you want a pvp company that isn’t toxic, good luck. I guess it also depends on your version of toxic. Emotional damage is the only pve company I can think of on west. I’m sure there is others but ya.

Also people might kick you from companies now because for those who war, you need to have the majority of the players in the company. You no longer can slot an unlimited of non company members. So if you aren’t active as much or whatever you might have been kicked to make space for players who are active. Typically companies put out a discord message first.

Well if PvP is a time sink and gear related, I guess that pretty much rules me out. Appreciate your feedback! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a PvE company.
My job is quite demanding of my work time and sometimes my free time, and I’m just not always able to play.
But again, appreciate you newb!