[LFP] Looking for friendly people to play with (Artemis - EU)

I used to play the game when it was released but quit because of the bugs, dupes. I am planning to start the fresh servers tomorrow and hope the issues are resolved.
My friends don’t want to play the game, so I am looking for friendly people who want to play with me. I am from Bulgaria but can speak English too. Since from what I got reading the forum, Gawain will be the server with mostly russian speaking community, Apophis - de and Cleopatra - french speaking, I chose Artemis.
I didn’t play the game that much when it was released, mainly to level 60 and tried end game content but as i said I was put off by the bugs and duping. I am not looking for super serious, but rather cool and friendly gaming. I can make discord server for the people who want to play together if needed. Feel free to add me in discord if interested.

Discord: ROKO#5646

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