Life of a PvP Player on a PvE Server

As a PvP Player i just want to know what are the priorities of the devolpers.
Those days for us pvp players is nothing to do.

  • nobody´s playing open world pvp (because there are 0 benefits)
  • outpost rush is still disabled. (it was open for a few hours)
  • dungeon chest loot is buggy
  • making a key for a dungeon is incredibly expensive
  • big corrupted portals doesnt give loot
  • farming every day the same elites is the most boring thing ive ever done
  • farming for professions is useless for us pvp players, (same for portal/elite/dungeon farms) because faction gear is the best for us (because of resilient perk)

so please can anybody tell me, what to do as a pvp player on a pve server in this state of the game.
My Daily New World buisness looks like this:


And you think that the PvE players see your problems differently? We are just as miserable! Why do we all keep playing anyway? Because we are heavily addicted :frowning:


many pve players have fun with gathering and stuff.
i know, you guys arent happy aswell.
but for people like me, there is literaly nothing to do at all. just swapping between the store → server transfer and outpost rush window.
i mean, there are issues to fix, okay. we all understand this.
but there is like 0 communication.
every 3-4 days someone from the AGS team is posting " we know about the issue and were working as hard as we can".
no specific updadtes, no real communication.
there are a lot of playes who are just sad about the state of the game. it could be such a great game, but it isnt. its a game in alpha state.

Not much can ever be done in terms of “content” for PvP, after all, it’s about players fighting other players, beyond implementation of different game modes (1x1, 2x2, 5x5 etc arenas and bigger battlegrounds) and a ladder system. AFAIK rankings, ladders and seasons are core to keep PvP players interested and engaged.

AGS needs to start by incentivizing open world PvP too IMO. I don’t think open world will ever surpass instanced, structured PvP in regards to player interest (I might not wanted to be bothered with PvP while trying to do PvE), but the experience could be worthwhile.

1 Start taking an enemy fort
2 ppl come
4 ???
5 profit

The games been out what 3 weeks, its really nothing in the grander scheme or things, just make your own fun, or quit for the time they fix outpust rush for example

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I wish it would be like this…

Dude, how can you defend this? its like youre buying a car without an engine and saying everything is fine.


Because you play with the cards youre dealt, not the ones you want.
Expecting everything to be perfect out of the gate is just naive, yeah “20 years ago you got a finished game when you bought it yada yada”, sadly its not representative with current gaming. It eez what it eez.

Im not saying everythings fine, what im saying or mean to say is - you wont get the entire game fixed in next week or the one after, its frustrating but thats reality, im damn sure the devs are losing lots of sleep and hair, give them time, 3 weeks is really nothing.
Im saying make your own fun or quit for the time being, not out of spite or elitism, but because you SUBJECTIVELY literally have no other option. Its far fetched that a dev replies in this post, less so drop everything and “do something about pvp”.
Dunno, entice the opposite faction to come pvp reekwater or something.

If you dont like the live game and are unwilling to make your own fun the only other option is to do something else while patches are rolling till you see a play worthy change.

Would be nice tho if they just slapped a 10% yeild while pvp flagged bandaid

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All you are doing is White-Knighting.

This game postponed its realease for more than one year.
Nobody sayes that EVERYTHING have to work.
But at least a few things, some fundamental things would be awesome.
Yeah, i see, there is no chance to argument with people like you.
People will stop playing. And thats sad, because it could be a great game.

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Farming for professions IS NOT useless for PvP players. You don’t like a free heal (potions) or +40 to your main stat (food)? Give me a break. I will agree with you though that life as a pvper in this game is crappy. The pvp quests are garbage, the spawn rates for the mobs you have to kill suck, there is NO faction points gained from kills, and outpost rush is STILL disabled almost a month after launch.

It’s a good way to help further kill the population of this game along with the economy that has almost bottomed out.

It’s not useless, but it isn’t necessary eather. All those consumeable stuff you can buy very cheap or some of them (pots) even with faction tokens.

But yeah, what if you allready done this cooking/
alchemy stuff to be able to craft pots/buff food. Than youre right at the same point like Im.
Swapping between the outpost rush guy and server transfer.

Crafted gear can roll with resilience too so it’s not entirely irrelevant, you could craft 590+ gear with resilience etc.

I dont give a flying about beta or really anything that “was”, the shareholders pressuring devs to release, trying to not lose the hype train etc., it doesnt matter, they had the chance to fix but didnt, its done and gone.
Theres no point debating what shoudlve been because it cant be changed now.
What i care about is what i can do now with the cards im dealt now.
Im not white knighting, i just understand that stopping this forest fire wont be done in a week.

The only thing you subjectively and realistically can do is make your own fun or wait till something is fixed enough, because thats what you have control over.
You asked what to do pvp wise, thats it.

I agree

yes, waiting is the one and only option for me here.

But its really frustrating. we waited so long for this game, and now, nothing works.
And there is like 0 communication between devs and playerbase.

Responses by the devs and daily updates about the progress of fixing the bugs would be a first step into the right direction

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Devs are actually responding to some threads, look for ones with a lot of replies.
I think daily updates would be counterproductive, imo theres not much value in knowing they fixed a boars drop table in cutlass. Think the word “needless” is perfect here.
Guess a simple roadmap, even a draft of the fixes heirarchy would be what people need not to pull their hair out of desperation, just to have some sort of way to set expectations.

u mean with answers like this?

this is not helping at all. we need transparency.

in which way counterproductive?

it would be a first step, but wouldnt help at all if it doesnt get a daily update because we allready “know” that they are working and trying to fix the issues/bugs.

Think it would fan the flames on forums. Theres likely a billion things they work on, i just dont think having a 20 page monuscript of github comments daily will help.
Dunno, maybe its me, i just dont see the point of updates being daily vs weekly. Its too much to expect imo, they already shadown fix stuff without mention in the weekly ones, theres prolly a reason they dont just info dump everything, might have something to do with not showing the gutter to the public.
Well, guess it would help with giving ppl insight on how long/fast certain things take.

This view of things is pretty nuts. Not every game comes to the market unpolished, in fact the very least and even less at a level of New World. Sure we whine about other games a lot too, but New World has by far set the bar high as far as triple-A studios go. I’d even say it tops the first release of Final Fantasy XIV.

  • There has only been Final Fantasy XIV as an MMO that has come to market similarly technically underground. If we look across genres, the disaster of Cyberpunk is not far away.
  • There is no modern MMO on the market that offers so little content at release as New World. And that even includes the content that is currently disabled. Even vanilla WoW from 2005 had more content to offer, although at that time the spirit of discovery of the players also played a role.

Very few players had any idea that the game would be released as a paid beta. Most players had no beta experience and had no deeper information about the game. And no, you don’t have to inform yourself excessively before buying. As a customer, you can expect a market-ready product from the publisher, just like in any other industry.

The game is primarily a PvE title, plain and simple. Most of the energy has to be put into PvE by the developers. It doesn’t matter what illusions the publisher has or what the plan was beforehand. The success of the game depends solely on the player - and 95% play PvP as well, but don’t particularly value PvP. For 95% of the players it doesn’t matter whether PvP works or not, as long as the PvE fulfills its purpose.

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Exactly. But I think they have so many issues that they can’t tell when to fix it. With every hour that goes by, I think the problems are too big to fix. Hope I’m wrong but I think this game won’t be playable for the next 6-12 months.

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Hey, looks like outpost rush is back on the menu after maintenance so we have that going

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lets see how long it stays online :smiley: last time they pu it back into the game, it tooks 4 hours until it was disabled again :wink: