Life on low population factions

Anyone on low population factions actually enjoy having endless pvp targets in open world and the thrill/fear of being in an outnumbered fight? I was worried about this in beta, because my faction is low pop. Now it seems to create a pretty tight core.

N.A. Camelot - Cov.

What are your servers and faction populations?

my low pop server with 500 people at peak times and 200-100 at low peak.
shit is a ghost town

Only downside to A high pop server is the lag in big battles, but otherwise there are plenty of fights! What’s your faction?

I am on a low pop and it is horrible.

I can’t even enjoy the game,

I am literally at a point where I have to wait for a server transfer to play.

Barely any gear score groups farming elites.

I can’t do my legendary weapon quests because nobody EVER responds to join up.

World pvp is non existent.

Nobody runs end game dungeons. Literally nobody.

It is the most boring game right now and it really sucks that they aren’t getting server transfers back yet.

I want to enjoy the game but I can’t. I sit there for hours and hours trying to find groups and then log off.

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What server are you on?

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