Life Staff after patch

after this patch my life staff light attacks arent healing me. was this what you meant about life staff improvements?


Same here !

I can no longer heal targets with my light or heavy attacks !

Not working as intended for sure …

All healers should post a reply here to developer’s team if we want the issue to be solved quickly.

Have fun and see you soon in Aeternum dear Healer’s fellow !



Same here man.
I was surprised about:

lightly improved the performance of the Life Staff with changes to the passive abilities Mending Touch and Blissful Touch.

But actually, nothing changes on it still, 20% should be. I trough it be like 30% or something now. But it’s not working at all now.


yea i was doing some testing real quick here and i noticed that i can heal people, but it doesn’t give me a +heal notification. so you can’t tell if you’re healing them, but the heal also wasn’t healing me if i shoot at my feet.


Welcome to beta




they didn’t say improved, they said ‘increased performance’ which is insanely fucking awful wording but they meant server performance in relation to it, the aoe collision check in tight groups per character hit with the light attack, every light attack, per healer was probably way too much to handle


They finaly nerfed the self healing by totally removing it. Damn they are sure balancing this game with boxing gloves.


Someone said it on another forum, and I think they could be correct. They commented on the opening to the patch says they were especially focused on things impacting Wars. This includes resolving AoE magic effect War exploits.

The patch note reads:
“Slightly improved the performance of the Life Staff with changes to the passive abilities Mending Touch and Blissful Touch.”

I think we took it to mean improvments to the heals themselves. The poster I’m talking about said he took it to mean improved performance of the game by making changes to these passives.

The heal was still working for me, but the splash is gone. The take away? I think they improved the game by removing the splash from those passives to help on the AoE magic side of things.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m feeling this is working as intended, and it is a nerf.

  • Slightly improved performance within Wars.
  • Slightly improved the performance of the Life Staff with changes to the passive abilities Mending Touch and Blissful Touch.
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Improved, I mean… They didn’t even give us 1% bonus on that. They just nerfed it and removed ability to heal with AoE. Where is the improvement?


yeah not improving ls, improving performance of ls, its bad wording like i said but it’s more clear when you finish reading the notes - the talent says nothing about aoe or self heal anyways


@Kurbsen you not supposed to heal yourself with light attack it was bug. you are not ally target you are yourself!!!


Good change imo


Will support previous messages. Heal staff now healing other players with some bug in hitmarker. Not every attack healing or there added hiden cd on it. Self heal is “gone”


Were you ever supposed to heal yourself with light attacks though? The tooltip wording is pretty specific: " Light attacks now heal target for 20% weapon damage when passing through an ally."


maybe i had it specced wrong but i never noticed my life staff ever healing me with auto attacks


meh i like to spam heavy attack to get the 30% healing anyway i could live without light attack spam


Pretty sure they nerfed it that way because the aoe auto attack damage was dumb as shit


I agree the wording didn’t match the final product, but it has been around for months (atleast 2 beta tests ago) with the AoE we saw at live. It also had its own animation, so I don’t see how it could have been a bug or mistake.

I didn’t take it for the longest time because a super narrow shot to heal seemed useless to me. After I got it, I saw that it did in fact work well to make up for the lack of other healing abilities. It also worked great for soloing. I may not kill things quickly, but it atleast allowed me to solo quests at my level. Granted, they wouldn’t have been so bad if not for the respawn rate making it very hard to not get mobbed all the time.

But to be honest, I would have been almost ok with the change if they got rid of the self heal aspect of it (I never thought it would do that from the description). But it would be nice to have a small radius around the hit. It would help greatly in dungeons where the tank has to put the enemies in between him and the healer. If push came to shove, you could atleast give us the AoE when hitting an enemy if you don’t want us being able to target a wall… or feel like punishing us for having bad aim… sadly that is the reason I went healer in the first place lol