Life staff and void gauntlet sound effects

Can you please revert the change you made to life staves sound effects especially when charging a heavy attack?? Same with void gauntlet, I never know if it is even doing anything cause I cant hear anything happening…

It need that charging up audible sound again. Sometimes you cant even see your character in war or chest run combat, I need to hear that sound

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This 100%

In large-scale battles in PVE & PVP, it can get pretty loud. I would normally rely on audio to adjust my crosshair/aim and ‘time’ the projectile of the lifestaff when it fired a big attack.
But today, I found myself lost and confused. I couldn’t visually keep up with the battle because I needed to spend half my time staring at my character to see when they fired a heavy attack. I would like the old audio indicators back (+new sound isn’t appealing either, im not sure why it was changed at all).

Additionally, please revert the DM/private messaging notification sound. I could not hear it at all and accidentally ignored well over 10 duels and i was only browsing the trading post! It shouldn’t have been loud enough to drown out notifications.

I’m not sure why these changes were implemented, but I’d love for them to be reverted.

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Couldnt agree more, Jesus Christ AGs the sounds of the game we’re perfectly fine whyd y’all add that horrendous sound to the beacon

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