Life Staff AOE Nerfed

Continuing the discussion from [Downtime] New World Update 1.0.5:

Why in the hell is the Life Stafe AOE skill being NERFED and no longer an AOE?


BAH I can’t read anymore of those patch notes, its making me upset, not knowing if any or all of those changes will massively break the game again…

Really wish we HAD A PTR FOR THIS


First off this is the bug section so I think you maybe meant to put this in Feedback? Also it’s still an AoE when you spec into Aegis. You just have to hit an enemy first for it to turn into an AoE for all nearby friendlies which is fine IMO. It still serves it’s purpose as a good buff for tanks or bunched up players in PvP.


oopsie LUL

Ok updated it wow.

Developer Kay already responded and said they have one in the works - Developer Kay knew about this glitch in July. Their response? - #143 by Kay

True but I requested is 20days ago, made a petition, and it seems like people ask for it, but nobody wants to sign the petition.

The exception is the 23% of people out of our goal that did sign, thank you very much to those players!!!

The aoe was more likely than not causing performance issues in wars.


Think it still has a AoE, but only on the end of the hit, no small AoE while its flying true friendlies?

thats why the word PASSTHROUGH is there…


they are doing that for “server stability”
there servers can’t handle 5+ people getting healed at once

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Well F me i guess as a healer , single target heal is shit because it is used by the scroll wheel and now nerf the AoE heal to go back to this shit design

LIKE AT THE VERY LEAST MAKE THE SINGLE TARGET HEAL WITHOUT THE SCROLL WHEEL , like press the button mouse appears press on anyone you want to heal from the party list , and if you want to heal yourself press ctrl SIMPLE fix would do wonders for the healing , but keep nerfing the AOE heal won’t make people go for the single target heal with a fucking scroll wheel.


You can change what key cycled through players with single target, I personally mapped a number pad key to a mouse button and I use that to toggle through people. The problem with single target heal is it doesn’t prioritize the correct target or even last target. It feels like it just picks the closest target.

I would never recommend using mouse wheel to cycle through anything or switch any item in any game, as it’s very easy to over scroll.

The single target healing targeting could really use a QoL change. It shouldn’t be a tiny circle on the ground to cast a single target heal, that’s the most annoying thing in the world and so clunky to use that way. Point and click would be so much better, but I’m assuming that’s not possible.

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Yep, it very explicitly says the AoE still triggers, it just only triggers once now, when it hits the enemy, or when it hits the ground/walls. No longer triggers when it hits the DPS that walks in front of you, or the tank between you and the mob, just when it hits the mob or when you miss.


Which is exactly how it should work based on the description.
Anyone who’s thinking multiple aoe balls out of a single skill wasn’t a bug are deluding themselves.


They are talking about the aoe on the ability of orb of protection I believe. if you took it all the way the orb would do an aoe fortify and small HoT, the orb would not pass through it would hit first thing in its path and trigger the effect. We will see what it does after patch BUT Stop nerfing the life staff! it already sucks damage wise compared to all other weapons and yes this is with over 250 focus. I run sacred ground, beacon, and orb of protection as the main abilities and I do good with out single target heals

Scroll wheel targetting is stupid. Change to tab. Change your inventory to something else.

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So other then using the Scroll wheel to select the Target we cant go another route?
It would be nice if the single heal will Target the lowest health person by default.

You aren’t meant to do damage as a healer… Besides the LS does plenty of damage anyway. If you think the LS doesn’t need a nerf, then I think healing isn’t for you. The LS is way overpowered and it takes no skill or planning to heal whatsoever. It badly needs a nerf. I am a healer.

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most likely yes.

And until they add more healing weapons, the issue they can only solve is really one that is related to perception.

Removing AOE function, while not a hard nerf on healing numbers, reduces the perception on the weapon having so many AOE functions.

If i had to guess, once they bring out a second or third healing weapon, they are either going to hard nerf the healing or introduce more and more of these perception changes to LS that the combination of all of them are enough to make the staff more challenging to use on an everyday basis.

And it is not like this staff has counters. Stun lock builds using spear or hammer and hatchet builds are the counter, just no one is using any of them properly at the moment. Well at least in OPR or wars; 1v1 wpvp the weapon doesnt have a counter but then again the game really isnt designed for 1v1 lol.

WIsh all Life Staff users knew that, cause not every life staff user can heal.