Life Staff changes.

it’s already become unenjoyable now that blissful touch doesn’t splash on pass-through, and now the same nerf is being applied to orb of protection. if you’re going to do this new change to orb of protection i would suggest doing the same change to blissful touch and give it the splash heal effect on final impact.

Also orb of protection self regeneration buff still needs to be fixed, the healing doesn’t scale with your focus or something on yourself and only heals like 20hp, but the scaling works fine when using the regeneration buff on allies.

the 20% healing increase on light armor still needs to be fixed as well.

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It’s like they don’t want healers. I wish they revamp the skills or just remove it all together.

Group healing desperately needs reworking. Lowering mana costs would make this cause less aoe spam and more efficient healing g in groups.

Group healing definitely needs a good look at, these changes are detrimental to healing and do not help out anything except the possible server lag.

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