Life staff "improvement"

Removing the AoE heal from basic attack was the most stupid “improvement” i have ever seen.

Basically makes us, healers, unable to heal in PvP. As a healer you stand in the back, out of all the danger and try to heal teammates which you will not be able to “hit” with your life staff basic attack because your teammates are trying to dodge enemy spells and what not and by doing that they will also dodge your heal.

The projectile speed of life staff is soooo slow and servers are sooo laggy that its impossible to heal someone now with basic attack. Bring back AoE from Blissful Touch or make the projectile faster.

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Not sure how the changes make you unable to heal in PvP or anywhere, really. The changes that were done only serve to make the description of the skills accurate. You were never intended to heal by spamming the floor with light attacks anyway. Now you have to hit your allies with your light attacks, like it says in the description.

As a healer, I don’t see what the big problem is. Though, I do agree that the projectile needs to move faster.

He literally wrote that the problem is server performance - you cannot hit your ally in a war becuase your client is showing him in place where he was couple of seconds ago not where he is now. The only thing that works in wars (fights on point) is aoe. You have not been in war on point, have you? :slight_smile:

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