Life Staff's AOE not healing after patch when two or more collide

This note was part of Winter Convergence Festival Update.
" * Status effects will now apply the strongest stack instead of the most recent stack to targets."

What is happening is when Beacon or Sacred Ground are used, if another player casts one as well, the strongest stack is not surviving, both status stacks are being eliminated.

I thought I was crazy… but another player noticed this as well and posted a video.

Serious issue needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Oh life staff haters gonna love this. You know, the people that bow/GS solo OPR.


This is a good fix no more brainless LS AOE gameplay time to carefully place your sacred

Imagine if 1 AoE damage skill was nulled because it was casted right after the other one. Oh wait, there’s no DR for brailess CC spam that also debuffs and makes as much damage as any other skill.
You are a master gamer.


Their is DR just terribly implemented have you never (light) rolled in med or heavy because you’ve been stunned so much?

That’s the free roll everyone gets, it’s been there since alpha.

Small correction, the highest focus sacred survives while beacons are just straight up cancelled out.

Beyond the obvious bugs, the implementation of this change is straight up wrong. It’s not the “strongest” sacred that takes priority, just the one with the highest focus.

Perks, gems, buffs etc that boost the healing apparently aren’t even considered and often matter more than how much of a stat the healer has.

Ok what causes this light roll while you are in med and heavy? the Avg IQ on this game is really low and it is showcased here on the forums lmao

It was explained ad infinitum. That light roll has been there and it’s not a DR, it’s a free escape from the times where stagger and smart combat was a thing.

I’m out, don’t want to derail the healers thread, you can keep cheering now maybe you can 1-1 a healer.

is also happening :smiley: to dmg.

your ignorance amazes me

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