Life Steal Attribute

Does anybody know if the life stealing % from a sword and the life stealing % from a shield add up, or if only the largest one is applied, or if it is calculated in some other way?

I currently have a sword with 5% life stealing equipped and a shield with 4.4% life stealing.

Am I going to get 9.4% of damage done converted to health?

Since you have both, why don’t you test it and tell us? Just duel with a friend of yours and test it. Hit him once, see the damage it does and how much heal you get.

Don’t forget to tell us afterwards, as I also wanna know the answer, but don’t have those equips.

Also, when you duel your friend, let the friend beat you up a bit first. Some lifesteal effects in games won’t trigger if you are at full health, and the damage done is not always the same as the health gained.

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