Lifestaff and Void Gauntlet Bugs

Beacon doesn’t seem to be benefitting from most outgoing healing buffs.
since this patch it’s even the case, when you buff your outgoing healing through heavy attack stacks or dodging (Intensify / Bend Light), beacon heals 20% less than it would without any of these buffs.
Also the light and medium armor class doesn’t effect beacon or orb of protection at all.

Also i wanna mention, that it’s weird, when the caster keeps the heal buff from beacon after exiting the aoe and allies only get healed while standing in the aoe. please make that consistent.

Bug for Void Gauntle:. I’ve noticed, that my attacks go somewhere. Im aiming for an enemy, but i see my attacks and also the orb of decay going somewhere completely else, sometimes just straight up into the sky. idk what it’s about, first i thought it’s messed up after dodging or after using oblivion but i wasn’t able to recreate the issue. happend to me over 20 times in the last 6 hours. so this is a massive problem, when you’re unable to shot stuff at where you aim sometimes it lasts for 3 or 4 light attacks that just don’t go where you aim at.

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