Lifestaff feedback] Bugs, problems, ideas

Before we start, this isnt a Lifestaff needs a buff post. Its just a feedback of a player with over 700 hours Lifestaff playtime.

  • Bugs:

Every 3rd divine emberace dont heal. Sometimes you cast the healspell but it dont heal.

Mending of protection perk dont work

Beacon sometimes dissapear and sometimes you cast it but it dont work.

Light armor buff still dont give you 30% heal

  • Attributes:

Most attributes perks are useless. The 200 int mana dodge perk is a lot stronger than the 300 focus work because you never hit exactly 0 mana.

Focus has a hidden scale to healing spells which isnt intended or wrong duscribed.


The new beacon change will make the beacon perk useless. Because if beacon doesnt remain on the target the speed buff will also not applied. Beacon perk was the only way to get some decent speed buff/ gap closer. As a healer you will have nothing to escape.


Since there is a big problem with heavy armor healer Balance, just make some changes: -30 Healing while heavy armor for outgoing and income.

Attribute perks:

100 focus: every heal of ally players , heals yourself for 10% of the healing done (capped to 3 targets max)

300 focus: when you get fatal dmg you will join the world of after life for 3 seconds, preventing you from getting killed.

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