Lifestaff PvP and PvE

I am not an alpha or beta player, in fact this is my first MMO if you don’t count GTA so I’m sure I still have a lot to learn in terms of balancing.

Now as someone who’s spent 400 of hours this game (on steam so -70 for maintenance, afk and que times in the first 2 weeks…) as was one of the first lvl 60s on my world I personally think this would solve most issues to life staff balancing

Have life staff skills, effects and damage scale on types of combat (PvP or PvE) a good example of this is Call of Duty Cold War and how guns and attachments have different stats for multiplayer and zombies.

I haven’t played much PvP on this game and I’ve never taken part in war/ outpost rush or anything like that yet but it’s clear that the nerfs add by Amazon has seriously affected its efficiency in PvE. AoE with light attacks was is game changing in dugeons and boss battles I think it should be added back and maybe cancel it on contact with a player that has pvp or only work on group members in a PvE group.

I see why they removed the double lifestaff feature. It’s made a healers job more difficult as we now can’t run a staff for attacks and a staff for healing which I totally respect, our job was pretty easy when you have 300 or more focus. And also solve the issue of the “machine gun” (I’ve never actually seen or tried it as it does take the fun and the one challenge of doing damage away from the healer)

Another big game changer to PvP is fix the bug of light and medium armour. The offer the bonus 20% and 10% damage increase however this is not the case for healing as it doesn’t work (went to lvl 60 with light armour struggle for no reason :frowning: ) I think fixing that will reduce the heavy set users in PvP and PvE making them practically unkillable in a 3v1.

Make the dodge healing boost work on AoE skills (never noticed a difference)

If the AoE healing skills or healing in general is too overpowered then make them recover less health from skills and lifestaff light attacks when the targeted player takes damage from another player. I would understand this as both beacon and the healing pool do a combined 1.5k a second for me

Make healing scale more with focus and less weapon damage this way healer hybrids are more vulnerable for not committing to focus points.

If this happens I think it will help reduce the healers, heavy healers and life staff hybrids on the game seeing how a lot of DDs have a life staff at lvl 60 almost everyone uses it now and it’s put me out of jobs when trying to be recruited as an actual healer for groups and dungeons especially when I’ve scarificed more than 200 points in focus (excluding gear) and barely win fights against 3 mobs to now never be recruited since everyone is going by the title “healer” when they do 3k heals at best I do 6.5k+…

I hope I’m not alone in this and I will respect everyone’s opinion on my statement if you disagree with what I said please say why and your solution :slight_smile:

This is upsetting to read! At lvl 30 for now healers seemed imperative. What i hated 'bout ESO, was when they made healers redundant. Now if I understand correctly, it seems to have happened here also at lvl 60?

You can always state the points committed in Focus but there will be times where healer role opportunities are taken by healer hybrids who could play DD instead

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