LifeStaff Skills Needs To Go When They Switch Weapons

Why is this even a thing? Healer at its current state is already OP as is (yes, healing needs to be nerfed), yet they let a Healer’s skill stay working while they switch to their secondary weapon. You lose all buffs and whatnot from other classes when switching weapons, but noo… let’s let a healer stay virtually invincible while he can switch to his secondary and still heal everyone else including himself. Makes sense.

Making fights into a furball because of healings does not make the game tactical at all nor is it fun. Dueling and small skirmish WITHOUT a healer, however, is fun.


This “get gud” moment brought to you by Life Staff…

If you aren’t playing Life Staff what are you even doing with your Life?

Life Staff: The staff that keeps you alive


Explain. Healings are so strong atm that everyone just stands on their healing rings and spamming attacks like a bunch of no-brainer waiting to see who’s gonna die in a big pvp fight. Makes it soo fun.


No, we just need healing debuffs.


I’d be okay with this if they completely changed healing. I don’t want to put stupid circles on the ground. I want to target people and heal them. So yea as long as they completely rework the healing spells I’m good with this. Of course the rework I’m talking about means no more circles on the ground anyway so it becomes moot.

Single target heal, maybe an aoe or group heal, maaaaybe a regen targetted on a person? Beacon is fun because it’s a skill shot, but it still leaves the circle.

I dunno, just wish it was better overall.


I feel like the issue isn’t the life staff but the heavy imbalances with armor, and heavy becoming/has become a meta. Healing reduction wearing heavy would be something possible, but in turn light armor needs to be rebalanced…it currently is just straight up awful outside of a roll dodge cancel.

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From a PvE perspective, that would be a terrible nerf. I often throw out the heals then change to Hatchet to provide some DPS, or clear off some adds that are pestering me. Would be terrible for the group of Beacon and field gets destroyed because I was clearing off some adds that spawned.


Indeed, it would make a secondary weapon completely useless, and you’d be locked into holding your life staff 100% of the time, while everyone else gets to use six skills and two weapons.


Funny thing is if you switch out of IG, your skills are cancelled.

It should be the same for LS.


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Absolutely not. Defeats a large part of the purpose of having two weapons in the first place. It would make an already tedious experience for Life Staff users even worse. Not all things are cancelled when you swap. Berserk is so you can’t grant yourself CC immunity with any weapon. Ice Pylon is not and would be worthless if it was.

The issue with Life Staff in PvP is 90% high damage mitigation combined with not being able to get players out of Sacred Ground easily in PvP. At least based on the numerous complaints about Life Staff I have to assume it’s not easy to get people out of it since a large portion of the staff’s power is unfortunately tied up in that one ability.

I’d prefer they removed some of sacred ground’s power and buffed up some of the other abilities that are lackluster. Divine Embrace and Splash need significant buffs to make them useful. The 50% healing buff from Sacred Ground props up all the other abilities really. Your output relies heavily on SG.

Most weapons drop the buffs they provide when switched tho, don’t they?

I know fortify from sword/shield and the effects of berserk from hatchet and the hastes from bow all go away upon switching weapons. :x

Changing lifestaff in this way would bring it more in line with how other weapons work, unless I’m mistaken.


The CC immunity from berserk going away makes sense.

Sacred Ground and Beacon would not. They are long duration HoTs. You would never be able to swap off Life Staff if they went away because 90% of the power of your weapon is in Sacred Ground.

You also are easily moved out of Sacred Ground in PvE. It already has enough drawback because of it being stationary in a game where it’s easy to knock people around.

They are also more comparable to Ice Pylon than a melee weapon buff. That also doesn’t vanish when you swap weapons. If it did you’d be stuck with one weapon all of the time if you speced into it.


I am playing healer and i agree, all heals should disappear when the weapon is switched. Same as it is with tank buffs. The same with other weapons and effects, like few sec stun, knock down or ice pylon.


You are already giving up things when you swap. You don’t need to give up Sacred Ground as well. Again, if they vanished you would never be able to swap weapons with Life Staff. Keeping that one ability up is 90% of the point of the weapon currently. Swapping would never be an option if those things vanished on swap.

When you swap, you are giving up more healing from light attacks, debuff removal from heavy attacks, cooldown reduction from both. You are giving up a healing group buff from holding the life staff (though this is snapshot into your HoTs currently at the time of casting, but snapshotting is another discussion which I’ve posted about before and think should be removed). You are giving up your ability to maintain 30% bonus healing buff from heavy attack spam (though again, if that was up at the time you cast your HoTs it currently gets snapshot into them for full duration).

You also have to have the life staff out to get the 20% dodge healing buff, but again this is currently snapshot at the time of casting.

If snapshotting was removed you wouldn’t be able to maintain 20% dodge buff, 30% heavy attack buff or the I think 5% aura buff from holding the life staff.

Even the 30% Divine Blessing buff is snapshot at the time you cast or enter SG. Meaning if you hit someone with Sacred Ground and they’re below 50% health, the 30% healing buff from Blessing is snapshot for the entire duration of SG regardless of their health changing until it ends or they step off of it. Then if they step back on, it is either applied again if they are under 50% health or isn’t applied and in either case, that state is snapshot until it ends or they move out of the effect.

If anything, snapshotting needs to be removed since it’s a terrible mechanic, but not the actual HoTs.

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Every day we get someone complaining about healing, they won’t change anything its perfect as it is full stop.


You do know that the “stupid circle” is an AoE heal right?!

Yes, and boon corruption like in GW2. If you arent familiar, it’s the ability to change someone’s buffs into the opposite debuff. A haste buff turns into a slow etc etc. We need more utility in general for support roles. At a minimum, we need some more debuffs and heal negation

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Hm… Well it’s not just the CC immunity from beserk, it’s basically every buff from any weapon source, as far as I know.

I’d argue that the HoT’s from lifestaff would be more akin to buffs, as they’re not necessarily offensive in nature.

The trend so far, to me, looks like “damaging stuff like bleeds and ice pylon stay upon weapon switch” and “helpful stuff like fortifies, hastes, empowerments, and even the HoT from berserk go away upon weapon switch”-- and I’d definitely put heals into the “helpful stuff” category.

It’s almost a matter of consistency, at this point.

If life staff gets to keep its heals going after swapping, why can’t I keep sword/shield’s fortify going after swapping? All the other weapon combos have to choose one or the other and I’m not sure why LS should be any different.


For PvE reasons, and because life staff’s buffs are relevant to the party, not just the player.

Life staff is a weapon which does not lend itself well to mobility, and so which benefits from having a secondary weapon which does. (For instance, rapier with Fleche.)

This game’s healing, for good or ill, is heavily based around persistent ground effects and buffs (Protect, Recovery) on party members. Which means if the Protect effects I put on the tank or the Sacred Ground I put on the ground vanished if I changed to Rapier for 3 seconds to escape a cluster of mobs that had pinned me against the geometry, that would be really, really unfortunate.

But while that makes sense, you’re right that it feels weird that life staff’s buffs – which are relevant to you yourself as well as the party, after all – persist after changing weapons when others don’t. I just disagree that it means life staff buffs shouldn’t stick around after changing weapons; I think it means other weapon buffs should.

(Albeit maybe only with a grace period – which you could then also apply to life staff’s buffs. If they vanish after, say, 4 seconds, that’s time enough to swap to Rapier, Fleche out of danger, and swap back before they fade.)

Yeah, that would require some balance attention on things, but I think allowing builds where you could apply buffs on one weapon and swap to another to utilize them would make for a much more diverse and interesting set of synergies you could set up between primary and secondary weapons.


That depends on which skills and how you spec, this isn’t always true.