LIFT the ban extension or do your job

Doesn’t AGS have a bad habit of banning people who unknowingly buy duped items from the AH due to a shitty and archaic database that doesn’t keep good records of transactions? Note that Lost Ark has a similar bad reputation for allowing people to sell cash shop items on AH then banning anyone who bought those items if a charge back occurs.

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The old saying cheaters never prosper, is no longer relevant. As this game has taught everyone to cheat/exploit early and often since launch. Anyone who didnt was left behind.

Also that Bots are ok, just ignore them.

Also that balance can be one mans trash and treasure at the same time.

And finally, the patch notes are just things they remember that potentially were included in the patch.


Thank you for you contribution… it is so enlightening and bring so much to the subject…

Call us when you decide to launch the Holy inquisition…

An inquisition is the last thing that cheaters want to see. I understand why you want early warning.

@Luxendra @Luxark discussion about ban reasons or durations should not be made on general chats.
Also any BAN debates should be made between affected players and Amazon staff, not by ‘public lawyers’.

Oh a cheater is mad! I’m so glad. :slight_smile:

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Respect the cheaters?.. What you write here is scandalous, because these rot the life of ALL the honest players who must suffer their misdeeds.
But which side are you on?

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What a shitty server you’re on if 50% got banned for duping. Just quit or transfer why play amongst so many cheaters?

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So yea I see a few players who are back from their vacations already bragging that they get to keep the thousands of healing potion, honing stone, coatings, etc that they dupe.

I mean, WTH did you do in the last 2 weeks AGS???


Seriously… Empathy? Feel bad for people that just cheated at a game that they can’t get back into the game when they thought they would?

You must be absolutely nuts. It’s not like anyone is proposing they be executed for cheating… They are being disallowed further access to the game because they have demonstrated they won’t play by the rules.

But seriously… Your tirade on empathy is a joke. What empathy or conscience did the cheaters have when they exploited the game for personal gain. Took advantage of other players; devalued their time and effort that was put into playing the game and acquiring things fairly and legitimately; undercut them economically with illicit items.

Seriously, boo hoo… We should all have “empathy” for them - after all, they are super sorry and were only trying to screw everyone else until they got caught. You aren’t being an empathetic or kind person by letting yourself be screwed by a bunch of people that act like little sociopaths because “it’s just a game,” that’s just called being stupid.

Those who knowingly cheated can have their ban extended indefinitely for all I care and should feel damn well humbled if they eventually get any opportunity at all to rejoin the game. They have NO RIGHT whatsoever to be allowed access to the game again, EVER.


those cheaters have all bought 2nd accounts bro lol

If they did, I hope they get banned again. At the very least they still lost money to buy a new one and lost everything they cheated for.

You do know you can buy a fresh 60 account for less than the price of NW right? These people dont care, they are selling the gold that they make from bot/dupe/exploit so the accounts pay for themselves.

The only way to fight them is if another exploit happen AGS HAVE to do a rollback.

For the love of God, this has nothing to do with the topic and rollbacks at this stage will NEVER happen. It’s too late for a rollback and a rollback doesn’t actually fix cheaters who will do it again at the next opportunity whether they buy new accounts or not. If those banned keep evading the bans, then AGS needs to look into IP bans and disallowing the use of VPNs for the game.


It was the February “bug fix” monthly patch that released the consumable slot dupe.

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On the contrary, players will not just dupe stuff, risking perma or lengthy temporary ban for nothing. There players know from past duping experience that there’s a good chance when they dupe, even if they get temporary ban, they will KEEP THEIR STUFF. It just happen with the latest exploit too. Whenever there’s duping if the items cant be easily removed then a rollback is required. This will also encourage other players to quickly report exploits because they dont want to lose their progress.

Perma ban is all good but it has to go together with rollback or a 100% complete removal of duped items, which hasn’t happened since launch.


I would have been fine with one initially, but it’s too late at this point. You have to balance the loss of all the non-cheater’s account progression with wiping the items. If done quickly, a rollback barely affects anyone and is fine, but after weeks… Well, you are hurting a lot of legitimate players disproportionately to the benefit of wiping the duped items in one go.

Either way, this is becoming far too much of a tangent and off topic with the current thread.

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I wasn’t talking about this one actually, what I meant was what to do in case another one happen in the future. Sorry for the confusion.


Well, then I could certainly agree with that.