Light Armor 20% broken?

I was under the impression it was a 20% total damage increase and it seems that’s actually not the case, someone I mentioned it to said the devs said they were planning to fix it in the next 2 patches but can’t find that info anywhere, are the devs actually aware of this or not?

Can’t confirm they are fixing it soon, but I hope they do. The currently meta of Heavy because everything else doesn’t work is gonna get tiresome real fast.

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20% damage won’t fix the meta. Heavy/con hybrid is just too strong to pass up in PvP - literally no reason to.

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Mitigation v trying to heal through it. Mit wins almost every time.

It’s not broken, per se, it just doesn’t work the way we thought it works. It gives 20% of BASE damage, not of your total damage. To test this, respec and do not allocate your points. Do the same for your weapons spec, do not allocate points. Then put on gear that does not have any stats on it. This will reflect your base damage with no additive bonuses from stats, gear, or weapon spec.

Kill something with heavy on. Record damage numbers. Do the same with light. You will see you do 20% more damage with light.

Now put all your stat gear back on and allocate your points back into your primary stat and weapon skills. Do the same test. At max level you will only see maybe a 5% difference because it only adds to your 20% to your BASE damage and doesn’t factor in all the damage you get from stats and weapon perks.

In the end, this makes a pretty clear decision to wear the Heavy Armor and not bother with light. 3 times the defense in exchange for -5% damage and dodge roll is a no brainer.


Oh definitely. That needs to be looked at as a whole.

The healing bonus difference between light, medium and heavy is completely broken so this does not surprise me.

There is supposed to be a 20% bonus for light compared to heavy in healing but it is actually zero difference in heal amount between the 3.
This has been tested using the same spell with the same amount of focus and no perks to healing.

I never tested healing, just damage. Sounds like a bug, I’m sure it will be patched eventually. The damage bonus works, though, but like I said, it works in a way none of us like. Base damage bonuses are just lame. Who GAF about base damage?

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Did they admit that this is how it’s supposed to be? It could very well be a bug on its own and the calculation is just wrong

That’s not completely true. Base damage is the starting point to apply other bonuses. So increasing base damage will increase total damage.

The 20% bonus is based on your base character without any attributes or armour stats.

It does not add 20% on top of the effects of say Focus or Dex.

This in turn makes it almost useless once you get to 60 and add all the stats

In real terms it’s close to a 5% bonus at 60.

The biggest thing you need to consider is. Long dodge roll vs 25% dmg reduction of heavy.

The 20% bonus should be applied to your total stats.


The bonus is based on your weapon damage, not your character.

The video linked above is explicative on how the damage is calculated.

5% of what?

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5% of total damage I believe

Sorry. I mean that your total output with same stat gear in both light and heavy at 60 - there is only around 5% more damage or so in light. Assuming same GS weps.

I watched the above vid and another which tested the same weps at 60 using heavy and light and the difference is barely over 5%.

Granted there could have been other factors or bias. But saying “Yoh do 20% more damage and healing” in light armour is so misleading ingame.


Yeah, it’s very misleading. People expect to do 20% more damage and healing and be able to see that dramatic of a difference immediately. The difference is so small that many believe there is no difference at all.

Hmm so its only 5% increase…if this is intended…then medium better for healer for survivability?
Will new world dev confirm this for us please?

If you watch the above video it shows how damage is calculated - the % bonus is applied to the base weapon damage prior to multiplicative / additive % modifers. Prior to any absorbtion or resistances - this in turn reduces the figure from the “expected” 20% bonus.

The benifit to wearing light armour, is around (ISH) 5% more dmg and ofcourse the long roll.

Paladin builds are so good because heavy armour doesnt REDUCE healing done, which if it did, would incentivise the use of cloth.

honestly that’s a good idea it should either make casting take longer or reduce healing done

this whole heavy , light . medium stuff makes no sense to me id assume only cloth light armor would for mages and healers and medium armor would be for like rapier bow aka dex. Why dont they do it that way this current system is weird imo that a mage can wear heavy armor

I hope they change it so it’s actually 20% total damage considering their legendary light armor is with strength only lol