Light Armor and Solo Play

I feel like light armor needs something more to make it viable. I love the increased mobility and the dodge roll, but it’s just so squishy compared to everything else and noone wants to run it. I use it with my bow and spear and roll all over the place, but just one or two hits and I’m dead. I might as well be naked, lol. Maybe you could increase stamina, speed, elemental resistance or SOMETHING to make light armor feel like a more viable option than just giving you dodge rolls, which don’t seem enough to actually remove you from range for a lot of the hitboxes. I’m okay with being a glass cannon, but it just feels way underpowered against the heavy armor folks who can just tank everything I throw at them while I run out of stamina trying to dodge or move away.

Also, I feel like solo players are extremely hindered in their ability to progress late game. Especially on low pop servers, you can’t always find a group to run your quests and you get mobbed by dozens of enemies. You are limited in your ability to work the field because if you try to move to elevation or kite the enemies, they just reset, leaving my only option to fight huge mobs in tight spaces in light armor alone and get murdered. It shoukd be balanced enough that ANYONE can make it work, including solo players. Maybe have the spawn rates reflect the number of players around or something. Conversely, if you have a full group, you can just roll over all the enemy npcs with little effort. I feel like it should winnable anf not so frustrating you just give up on the game because you can’t progress without friends online to play with. I’m okay with elite areas staying impossible for solos, but regular map zones should at least feel winnable I think.

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