Light Armor needs a buff asap

Basically ever since after the beta, light armor has been rendered completely useless. The meta is either medium or heavy. If we were to check the stats of people using light i’d bet my savings that it’s half of the second placed weight class.

The only thing light armor had going for it was it’s mobility. And even with that it required great skill to time and attack using light armor, in comparison to heavy which justs barges and LMB spams. After the beta AGS implemented hidden changes which affected light armor the most.

  1. Stamina regen speed reduces
  2. Player slows at 0 stamina
  3. Weight limit reduction

These changes has affected light armor the most and it shows in game. I hope that light armor can get back it’s mobility or at least a bit of defense by returning the original weight limit. I get 3 hit by a great axe, which shouldn’t be possible.

Light armor build should be a build with high dps, high mobility but low defense. At the moment it doesn’t have any of the two advantages. The roll has no mobility advantage outside of dodging as the recovery animation takes as long as a users needs to run the same distance.


You and this guy need to have a chat, lol:


He’s the first reply to that guy! Probably what spawned this thread :slight_smile:


Cant see how he can provide any argument that a player with same level and gear change has to do 3x the amount of damage to kill his opponent and still has to get his mobility removed lol. Light needs either a DPS or mobility increase. I’d estimate that less than 20% use light armor at the moment on my server. It’s completely unbalanced. Light armor stands no chance. Everyone either goes medium or heavy.


I am using light armor (category) basically because of the +20% damage bonus,
and the fact that the bonus for wearing medium or heavy is useless to me,
with the weapon builds I use/‘intend to use’.

I guess a 20% damage increase, getting the most amount of dodge rolls out of any weight class as well as the furthest dodge roll doesnt count as “high dps, high mobility”.


i play :

  • head,body and hands - light armor
  • pants and shoes - medium armor

i use musket and rapier. i feel like this is better just because i want the dodge roll and not a damn side step. and for the reason that i get to have better mobility than other ppl that go full medium or heavy armor ill take the less armor every day. and i never had any problems with it atm.

ngl i cant understand the complain at all

The 20% damage increase is negated by the fact that light armor is restricted to lower class armor. Heavy armor does higher dps than light armor, because heavy gets better bonusses. I actually tested this with a friend with both using faction gear.

Your second point is not true. Medium gets more dodges than light.

Third having a roll that reaches far but having a recovery animation of a full second cancels out that benefit. Also, light armor gets a penalty for using it’s second doge after the first as it will bring you to 0 stamina. This means your stamina regen rate is slowed as well as your movement speed.

So in short, light armor has nothing going for it.


I’d say stamina usage for evades should be tied to armor weight. So 25% stamina per roll for light, 50% for heavy. Because currently you can’t really use your mobility as a light armor wearer, because you run out of stamina after 2 seconds of combat.

Other than that I feel that those armors are very well balanced.


i need you to evaluate/prove it that heavy armor does more damage than light, cuz i dont understand what u mean with better bonus.
same as why medium has better dodges than light.

I agree. There needs to be an advantage for using light. At the moment heavy 3 hits light armor. I’m fine with that as long as light actually has a chance to evade. At that time it’s a matter of skill and cunning.

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As a light armor player, when it comes to PVP I have to agree with this. If the other guy uses 1 cc ability (great axe for example) after my first dodge roll, it’s insta death. If I do the 2nd dodge roll to avoid the cc, I survive a few sec longer, and then insta death again.

As for PVE I have no issues with it.


What does this even mean? Can you elaborate with specifics please?

The armor advantage medium and heavy have negate the dps percentage increase. It means that if i were fighting an opponent with no armor on, yes it’d do 20% more damage. But seeing how medium and heavy users get insane defense stats, the dps is fuck all and they actually manage to do more damage on you, then the other way around.

Just ask a friend to go full light and you go full heavy. See which player kills which first.

Basically what i’m saying is, if an attacker gets 20% dps increase but the defender has 40% incoming attacks decrease, the dps increase doesn’t amount to much.


At the moment, medium armor receives a 10 stam cost reduction on dodge roll. I believe that, that perk should be swapped over to Light armor as Light suffers from lack of dmg mitigation, while medium gains a balanced set of bonus from both.


  • Positive (+) 20% Dmg Buff
  • Positive (+) Dodge Roll
  • Negative (-) Low Damage Mitigation (~20%)


  • Positive (+) 10% Dmg Buff
  • Positive (+) 10% CC Reduction
  • Positive (+) Stam cost reduction on dodge roll
  • Avg (+/-) Hop Dodge
  • Avg (+/-) Moderate Damage Mitigation (~40%)


  • Positive (+) 20% CC Reduction
  • Positive (+) High Damage Mitigation (~60+%)
  • Negative (-) Sidestep Dodge

How I see it, the dmg mitigation which Heavy armor receives highly outweighs the dmg increase which Light Armor provides, which is why I think Medium armor’s stam cost reduction on dodge should swap to Light.


Its not like we literally have lvl60 running with heavy armor - hatchet and maxed out constitution completely obliterating any form of pvp. Its not like we have that.
The dodge animation cancel while swapping weapons should be the light armor dodge animation BY DEFAULT. That recovery animation is pure insanity, in a world where 2h axe has a dodge-lenght mele attack.
Math just doesn’t add up.
Light should have 30% dmg buff or 30% damage mitigation, or medium should drop the dmg and CC buffs.
or heavy should receive a -20% dmg debuff.
Also stagger in light armor is also insane. Probably throw in some mana regen or healing buff as well.
Everyone is running heavy armor hatchet/hammer/2haxe, no downsides.


Yeah light armor is completely useless ATM.
You deal less damage to a heavy armor player than what he does to you, so what’s the point?

Noone bothers with dodging, as it sucks:
-it travels so short distance even in light, that you can’t get out from most AOE
-it have collision, making it useless in any group fight
-due to the clunky combat system countless time I use dodge but my character refuses to do it

And that 20% damage buff is way too low to offset the loss of extra damage reduction. It should be inline with how much extra damage reduction heavy get.


@EMADE I am just going to be that guy …for the most of what you said +1.

Well for me light armor was great till like lvl 25, second I hit that straight up can’t kill heavy con at all. not to lack of skill spent, 45 minutes knocking a heavy down and hitting him over and over, but he would take no more then 1/5th hp damage then he would just heal and out of every 10 full ability hit combos he would hit me once and half health me. Fight got to the point that the heavy just asked me to stop knocking him down or kill him and he walked off, he started the fight. It gets worse as you get higher it is like the light armor doesn’t scale with the rest. snow I have gotten to 35 feels similar for medium armor now, will be switching to heavy shortly its like the game kinda forces you into heavy as you get higher then fighting roll to just face tanking and swinging at that point. It kinda makes the fighting less interesting as well


Totaly agree. Im running INT Rapier + Fire Staff on lvl 53 and I get 1 or 2 shotted easily. If up the chest medium and light other amount of defense on Cabalist’s set. You can barely see people running light on my server and it’s a repairing consuming thing to do considering you die a lot… Needs buff asap!

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