Light Armor vs any other Armor type

Hello everyone,
lets discuss the Light Armor and why its totally useless to play it. i’ll put some advantages/disadvantage inside here.


  • Movement is super Fast and looks stylish


  • Squishy (a disadvantage you take, for playing Light armor, so thats ofc okey)
  • Your not dealing much more Damage than a Medium Armor (4% more Damage) (which makes absolutly no Sense, A Light player with Rapier/Spear deals less Damage than a VG (VG is a topic for it self, [My Opinion Voidblade is way to much and too OP with its Autoattacks]) in Medium armor)
  • Your Dodging Animation is longer than the actuall Dodging Time, which makes the Dodge Distance near to useless (which makes no sense)
  • Why the hell can i dodge 3 Times (300 Dex) with 100 Stamina and a Medium can dodge 4 Times (300 Dex) and a Heavy 2 Times (You just dont play Dex on a Heavy… If you do its 3 Times aswell. [My Opinion: Shouldnt it be 4, 3, 2 or 3, 3, 2 ?])

Soo to be Honest Theres only Disadvantages if youre not a Musket staying 100m away from the fight in his Shooters Stance…
What are the Reasons for that i dont get it… If i missed something tell me…


All of this true with exception of the movement speed. There is no movement speed increase or decrease for any armor type (though there should be) only thing that effects speed currently is haste passives and abilities


musket in light armor is OP lol

musket is never OP lol


what are u talking about lol have u even played musket

average match look at the KDR how is that not op rofl ofc ure not gonna get kills if u keep shooting heavys with 200con


I wouldn’t say that, the play style most used with it is op but not exactly the musket on its own. Most musket players just camp on the opposite end of the map and never move. They have no competition to contest them because bow has significant arrow drop past 20m and takes a while to land. FS caps at medium range. And really no way to get to them in time before they flee and find another spot. If they added falloff damage and bullet drop as well as removed the ability to climb mountains you’ll see a lot more playing close to bow range so we can deal with them.

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Have been musket main, switched to GA/WH because the Musket is a shitty weapon with weak dmg output and no dmg opportunities against heavy. On top it’s useless in wars and any real PVE scenario.

And what should that be? OPR?

The fact that everyone is running around in at least medium makes the musket utterly useless. You’re not gonna deal any dmg with it. Everything is gonna be negated by health potions. On top comes the clunky weapon handling, several bugs and even a missing crosshair.

i drop ppl with medium armor so quick idk what to tell u 300dex 200int honing stone and 15% damg buff from opr 2k on heavys and 2.8-3.5k crits on medium shooter stance is insane with the perk 22% extra damg

Good for you, OPR is not where PvP is defined but wars are. OPR is nothing more than some anti-idle mechanism to make some people with cracked builds smile a bit when they abused some OP shit to 1v1 people there. But in the end, this all is really meaningless.

ure joking right XD only a few ppl are able to enter war


this game isnt tab target, and its hitboxes are much more accurate, so there is two ways to avoid an attack, iframes, and movement. Therefore, for a ranged character, light roll is actually better, because its more likely to completely avoid damage. Dodge distance is incredibly useful. Medium dodge usually requires you to actually i frame damage, whereas light dodge you avoid it

Light armor offers the highest damage, and most suitable roll for kiting.

medium armor is the most iframes, per stamina, but less distance per stamina. As I said before, you mostly need to actually iframe attacks instead of avoid it. It is made for iframes without strong kiting potential. this is a sidestep, not an escape.

heavy is also 3 evades with dex as you mention, this has nothing to do with armor weight.

basically armor choice is mostly about playstyle.

the damage boost on light medium and heavy is similar to the defensive boosts, in that there are other factors that all armor weights have access to that effect dps/defense.

I will say, I think light and medium damage boost is slightly too low. as it appears a heavy guy will do slightly more damage to the light armor guy than the light armor guy does to the heavy guy. My feeling is it should be, at the worst equal, but probably slightly more on the offense side, since heals become more effective the higher your defense is.

however this is a difference of 1-2 % and the dodge on heavy is extremely bad compared to the others. Way more likely to get you killed, or kited than its helping you, unless you have a pocket healer and a shield.

Just because you don’t know how to min-max and abuse the range doesn’t mean others don’t.

I don’t see any benefit from going light armor. Light armor is for ranged players that NEVER go into melee range. For those it’s a good set. For everyone else - NOT!

You need to waste points into CON to be able to survive which negates the healing/damage buff you receive from going light armor.

The dodge roll is fine but many weapons can easily catch up. So dodging with the target to escape is a bad idea because then the other player will catch up and do critical hits because the back is exposed. Even more damage means even faster Death.

The thing is… the one who is alive can heal / do damage. I prefer to stay alive and i gladly take the debuff. I might need 2-3 hits longer to finish an enemie but I am the one surviving.

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I think you missunderstood what I wanted to say with my sentence :

This three factors are important to harmonise between each other, but a mage for example can hit me while I’m Inside the dodgeroll animation… That shoul just not be like that

ur dmg is pretty garbage tho… looks more like kill stealing then being useful


The problem about this is, yes they need to increase it, for let’s say it’s 10 %- 15% more but than they have to overwork musket and bow so they don’t go 8k hits

They could tune that by keeping the damage the same but tuning the reload speed so you can fire faster.

And what do Meele light dd’s do? They are still doing less dmg than some medium armor weapon players

Why would you want to play melee in light armor?