Light Armor vs any other Armor type

My friend plays light melee SnS and it’s basically the new world version of an assassin, he comes in from the back and basically 3 tap somebody who is in medium armor but now it’s different with all the vgs around

The sin build is strong.

Ok all the power to you guys. I mean that sincerely. I would never jump into the think of things in light armor. Not my playstyle.

It’s more the mobility aspect of it, it seems real good until you realize you can’t outrun mediums bc they can do the same amount of range dodges and still have 1 extra for the “f*ck you, you ain’t running bish”

its slightly more damage. But I’d say that medium hop is better for melee, roll usually moves you far. But maybe not as bad on spear

You don’t brawl, you do picks, it’s not about sustaining in the fight but catching off people. Essentially light armor is for big number combos.

Facts, you want medium on melee because you want to stick to target and control distance. Light has a tendency to overshot.

Yeah I get it. Its just not my playstyle so its probably better I don’t comment on it much because I probably wouldn’t know wtf I was talking about lol.

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Its all good brotha, I don’t think OP knows what they are talking about and they fail to recognize it. I wouldn’t say jump into wars with light armor on a spear/rapier or anything of that sort, because it’s hard to avoid brawls. But in OPR, Open world, Duels, plenty of melee rock light and medium.

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That’s the point he’s trying to make, it’s not viable unless you run someone away from their group… Also the melees that run light are usually musket/bow users to begin with and want extra mobility to gets shots out because they do more damage with said weapon

So engage on those away from the group or back of the group, saying “I can’t tank in light” is just plain stupid.

It’s the same for me, i run spear/musket and light armor and now im usually just sniping people brcause it’s useless to go and flank someone who can basically dodge all my skills in one stam bar

Do you feel light armor needs a buff?

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I think it’s more of a extra stam kinda thing because me dodging from a medium spearman using skills will deplete me of stam but not the same against him


Here let me break that down for you. No, you don’t need more stam, learn to manage your stamina, if you weapon swap on musket with dodge roll, only person that keeps up is the bow users. No

Edit: here I’ll even further sink your argument down. Especially on musket no, you have hustle which even increases your movement speed even further. Weapon swap canceling on light armor is by far one of the fastest movements in the game. If you are spamming your dodge thinking you should be gaining distance, you’re bad. learn to let yourself recharge up to at least 55 stam before rolling/weapon swap.

The correct cancel for musket has been explained on my videos from months ago. Swap to your 2nd weapon, roll, swap to musket, you gained massive distance while activating hustle. Stop being bad and making excuses why you got caught.

You ever fight that one spear user who dodges and spams skills? He’s running a cdr combo where any skills that hits gives him 25% cdr. It’s not the stam management. I can do 5 rolls if i need to but me doing the same cdr thing he can dodge and i frame all of that without breaking a sweat in a 1v1

I average 20-25 KD on musket, yes I have, no you don’t have an excuse here.

Im explaining this as someone who is melee in light in a 1v1 against someone who is also melee in medium

You just said you’re musket, what is the matchup?