Light changes/resil nerf going to SCREW healers

if you nerf resil on light armor and PIGEON HOLE HEALERS INTO LIGHT ARMOR they are going to get 1 shot by a fireball, a AUTO + PEN SHOT, a MAELSTROM. Literally any combo that connects will 1 tap healers. Rethink this BS.

Get rid of cast timers or add GRIT to 300 FOCUS so we can cast thru getting GANG BANGED.

Better do this changes before thinking on changing ARMOR PERKS AGS.

1# Healer
The Sacred Ground Caster is healed 50% less on he’s own Sacred Ground, that way no more Invencible HEALERS, Medium or Light. Everyone else is healed by 100% as is today.

2# Bow
Twik a little the animation speed of SKILLS with M2+M1 Attacking, needs to be a little slower
Ajust the Hitbox of the Heavy attack to be similar with the Musket, OR, balance all ranged weapons to have the same HITBOX.

3# Assassins
Make 300 Dex have -10 stam consumption after dodging, 150 its too cheap.

4# Constitution
Cons its armor based, after 100 points, if you are LIGHT the amount of HP u get is less scalelable

Change 300 Constitution Perk to Streght
Change 300 Streght Perk to Constituion

Change to only be applied on Heavy Attacks, no more spamming Light without carring.

7# Musket
Need to Have bullet travel or ,3 seconds before hitting target
Elemental Damage should be impacted by distance

For me this would be more effective than this changes they wanna make.

literally where can i find these changes ive been looking for 10 minutes now.

the communication from this games devs on patch changes is abysmal.

they aren’t out yet people are just losing their shit over words on a youtube video

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yeah just watched the video, fortify cap on light armor should have been in the game since day one.

Healers need a nerf. Healing is the reason why pvp meta is so lame at the moment.

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Healer in sacred is in light and will die faster than a bruiser in sacred. Sacred as a whole needs a rework, We don’t want immortal bruiser clashes inside them.

that’s why you got void. teamplay is necessary around sacred. Not a solo game

I wouldn’t mind if they nerf healing power as long as they rework healing casting animations and movility, life staff is the stiffiest weapon to use, u get slowed by every light attack and action you want to do.


The intension is to kill the healer so u can kill the Bruiser. Basic strategy

Thats why… I’m a healer and i think if they nerfed the SG to only heal HALF of the value on the CASTER, it would make 100% better gameplay than just STAND on SG and become immortal.

That’s the issue also there, its just as musket players are saying the same thing “to counter musket use a musket” , that should never be the case, depending on one weapon to counter something.

I see people complaining about healers in their own SG all the time, so honestly this would be fine, just never got it.

As a healer I never (except in 3s) would cast a SG on myself. Is this something people do regularly in OPR? I think the better adjustment to SG would be to either reduce its uptime or increase its CD (it having a shorter CD then beacon is wild to me)

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