Light ration crafted instead of Travel ration

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After a quick Ctrl+F it doesn’t seem to be a known issue.
Basically, when I craft a travel ration with a sausage and a blueberry, I get a light ration instead…

EDIT: same happens with honey or pork instead of blueberry. Seems like the sausage is the culprit. I replaced the sausage with some red meat and I got my travel ration.

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It’s a bug

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I wasted ingredients, though not very valuable ones.

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Try to craft a travel ration with the same ingredients as the screenshot (top: sausage, bottom: blueberries).


I am cooking at a Kitchen Tier 4 and having the same issue. Try all kinds of resource combinations.


This has happened to me multiple times and after asking in help I found the REASON (as least for mine) but it is still a bug (to me).

When you craft a Travel Ration the primary ingredient is supposed to be a Tier II and the secondary Tier I. However, the menu lets you choose sausage (Tier I for some reason though it takes two ingredients to make it). Since sausage is considered a T1 item - you get light rations instead of travel. Some of the people said that if you use a T2 for the second ingredient you can get Travel Rations - ie, sausage and berries (no personal experience with this).

It is a bug in that it even lists a Tier I material in the first slot and/or does not warn you about the resulting failure.


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