Light's Embrace Stealth Nerfed

For some reason, the devs decided in all their wisdom to remove the Buff flag from all foods. This means that you are missing out on anywhere from 30-60% weapon damage healing per cast of light’s embrace, depending on what food you are eating.

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Good. Divine Embrace should be the primary targeted healing spell.
Also I think they did that because of Nullifying Oblivion removing all “buffs”.

Why should a spell that can hit 3 targets heal more single-target than a spell that can only ever hit one target?

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Divine Embrace is single-target:

yes it is single target, but if you take the 3 skill below it, it can bounce heal to nearby

I’m talking about the passives underneath it. Those passives are the only thing that really differentiates it from Light’s Embrace. Otherwise all you have are two nearly identical single target heal spells, one of which heals more with a faster cast time and lower CD. Divine Embrace only exists right now as a heal that can potentially hit 2-3 targets instead of one. That’s it’s point.

Considering the changes they made which makes light’s embrace heal for less, it seems like the intent is to make divine embrace more appealing for single target heals. Forget the passives… the base heal is bigger but it has a longer cast time and CD (as you stated).

No I think the intent is for Light’s Embrace builds to require people to spec fully into the Protector tree to get all of the buffs so their heal targets have Fortify, Recovery, Haste, Sacred Protection, and Spirit’s United, and with Glowing Focus and Magnify then Light’s Embrace would always be a superior single target heal (because their targets would almost always be fully buffed, ideally), and Divine Embrace would be better for builds without the buffs.

The problem is, the cast time and CD are both still an issue with Divine Embrace so I’m not even sure it’s worth it to spec into that even if it heals for slightly more.

In fact Shared Struggle is the only thing that makes Divine Embrace even worth it because if you can reliably hit two targets, then it becomes a better heal because you’re doing more healing per cast and for less mana. But 50% isn’t a large enough threshold to always proc Shared Struggle, and the long cast time makes it too easily interrupted. Even with these nerfs, I’d argue that unless you spec into Shared Struggle, Divine Embrace is still not worth taking if all you’re doing is single target healing with it.

an old clip of food buff vs no food buff. pretty sure food buffs never worked?

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