Limit a character's war participation per week?

It’s really a shame that getting slotted into a war requires you to be the sweatiest of sweaty. And you see the same people over and over in wars. Sucks that a majority of a server’s players will never get to see this awesome end-game PvP content because they either:
a) Aren’t sweaty enough
b) Don’t play the politics game

I think it’d be interesting to limit the number of wars each character can participate in per week. This will help by:
-Sweaties can still duke it out with their top 50 for the key citiies (which is completely fair - I have no issue with the top companies holding the big-3 cities, that’s their prize)
-Others get to see wars
-It’ll force companies to seek new alliances
-It will allow smaller companies to win territories, get some tax gold to improve company gear, and help them compete again the top companies

I remember this exact issue being brought up in alpha/beta testing and it was ignored. Perhaps we reconsider?

This game is quickly on the way out. There needs to be a large fundamental shift - the July patch will be cool, for a bit, but it will fade like the others because core content issues still remain.

Honestly, they should add a monthly reset, similar to Albion online. Make it a mass pvp event that lasts a few hours one day a month. Keep the current war system, but let all players participate for a territory control day.

This would allow for a much more inclusive game style for all players.

There will be new types of complaints. Such as there being less or no point doing OWPVP missions except for once a week.
Or you only get one try per week. Try to limit OPR to once a week and see what happens, for example.

The best way is to just delete player control over Settlements and instance Wars as another type of activity you can queue for, similar to OPR.

The more rules people try to pile onto the problematic concept of player control over settlements, the more problems and complications will be created.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

This will cause a lot of drama probably. There could be backdoors with leaving before end of war, or drama if somebody get disconnect and missing war.

I dont understand why this is the only MMO with territory war system on different hours?! All other MMO are having all territory wars on the same hour and works well. No ALT Companies holding territories.

Set the territory wars on the same hour and fix all issues. Yeah, I know some genius will come and tell me this will cause lag or whatever made-up lie. Is not like there are going to be all 11 wars everyday.

Eh, the problem with that is that there would be no players left to fight in wars

I suggest a scrimmage mode for influence pushes instead of running quests. This would be much more war like content, and allow full server participation in minor wars that lead up to big wars. I could use some help fleshing it out from some of you big brains, and maybe getting it some attention.

This would possibly be a solution to curtailing shelling through less direct means, allowing much much more inclusion in the fight that leads up to war, and removing shelling as a thing that can gain influence. (Would need minor tweaks for this)

Please give me your thoughts.

Wars can be fixed one of two ways…

  • Implement a daily limit on war participation. You can only participate in one war. This would kill shell companies.

  • Alternatively, a company should be forced to choose a six hour war window no earlier than 2pm Server Time and not later than 11pm server. Wars aren’t fought when defenders have ideal support, their fought when the attackers feel they have a strategic advantage. Allow attackers to strategize their war times. This would force everyone to overlap war windows in the 5pm-8pm windows. If a company happens to own two territories they can still be forced to war simultaneously in a strategic fashion. You wouldn’t be able to stack your best server players in multiple wars on the same night you’d have to be strategic both as the attacker and the defender.

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So if the defending teams can’t participate the instigator’s get a free territory? Are you really that bad?

To the OP:
However when you play as a guild … with a few pvp players only, in an alliance of small guilds, the only way to win/keep territories is to have those few players participating in several wars a week. Also I doubt AGS advertised for a game where pvp players are only allowed 1 war/week. There are already enough gates to game content ( orbs, keys, expertise and gear grinding)

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