Limit pvp activitys asap

As you KNOW PVE activitys in future will be limited, like 25 mutations a weekk and like 15 exspedition a day ( not suree or i am correct) so becose i am more PVP player, i ask DEVS, AGS, limit arenas and OPR ( 6 ARENA a day, and 30 opr a weekk) i think its not fair limit only pve players so lets hurt pvp players too :slight_smile: srr for bad englich.


How many mutations and normal expeditions a day are you running?

PvE and PvP activities are not the same thing. The joy of PvE is in completing new challenges and engaging with a story. This story or piece of content is a finished chapter. It is always the same. PvP is meant to be repeated. The content is always different because its not a scripted AI, its interacting and fighting with players. Surely I´m not a fan of the planned changes to PvE, however “lets hurt pvp players too” is - although I know the OP doesnt mean it literally - not even on the same lvl.
I think there needs to be some kind of limitation to PvE and PvP rewards. Its not healthy for a game with multiple activities to have people spam run dungeons, because it is the most efficent way to earn money for example. Also there are already limitations to Arena and OPR rewards.

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I know ppl whu doing more pve , i know ppl whu wana help noobs with mutations, i know ppl whu can farm 15 exspedition in day

So legitimately duping golt true hause system is good but do exspedition and make gold is bad?;D

yes thats exactly what I said xD

Get out troll. What they should do instead is remove those Timegates all together.


Not all timegates. Yes remove them for regular expeditions.
But if they didn’t limit Mutators, umbral shard sellers would ruin the game in days.

Umbral Shards weren’t supposed to be tradable for good reason.


it’s not fair to time gate anything you already paid for but that’s just me… I guess yeah- nerf everything down to PvE standards… that’ll show’m.

instead why not advocate for PvE to not be time gated?
remember when we all wanted orbs removed so we can just do the content? well, they removed orbs but got time gated… careful what you wish for lolol

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PvE is far more rewarding in this game than PvP…


There are better ways to limit Umbral shard selling.

If they actually wanted to put in some effort in development instead of the bare minimum with timegates, they could’ve added a restriction for rewards such as requiring that the player defeats every boss leading up to the end boss before they receive end rewards.

If that was too hard to figure out they could have spread the rewards across the full dungeon so that sellers would simply turn into paid sherpas as they would have to carry their customers through the full dungeon like everyone else.

How does the 25 limit actually stop shard sellers? If all they do is sell shards, they’ll just use those allowances to sell the quota per week? I’m sure they will even figure out some rotation to maximize profit. The excuse about stopping sellers doesn’t really hold up. Normal runs don’t have shards, but there is a limit on those too. Is that to limiit expertise grinding?


That’s why there must be a limit of 10 or less Mutators a week.

And if not AT LEAST remove Umbral Shards and Legendary/Named items from drops past 10 weekly Mutators.

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Its plenty fair to time gate a game without a subscription. Keys were removed and that barrier is gone, but the timegates purpose remains.

15 expeditions a day is extremely reasonable. Especially if youre also running mutations. They even increased bumps through gypsum in case this was limiting to newer players. Heck, they even did away with the never ending grind for named drops. Blackguard hammer runs were dumb.

With mutations being a weekly 25, shard sellers are limited, which is always a plus in my book. Less gold in dungeons also means more players have to spend more time outside of them. Respec/repair bills add up.

This game rewards you for being flexible. The less flexible the average player is, the more friction they recieve. In my opinion this is what the devs intend with every update, and is healthier for the game.

No they wouldn’t, because AGS have decided to destroy the market for it in which they flood the playerbase with umbral shards. :slight_smile:

For me it’s fine, I think I have 40 to 50 mutated orbs.

Pls AGS stop this madness!!! The game is already bleeding. The ppl whos left are the ppl that truly love and care about the game! Can u stop limiting dungeons. Just let ppl play how much they want and have fun in the game! @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @Centeotl

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Gold sellers and bots already ruined the game. No reason to limit content to the legitimate player.


That was a long time ago. No excuse to allow this happen a 2nd time.

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Uhuh? Because where in the hipity dipity fuck do you think it’s fair for PvPers having to reach

  • Max level to play Outpost Rush

  • Rewards in PvP are remarkably bad

  • Expertise through OPR caches is for masochists

  • Expertise in general is a god awful handicap

  • Must PvE anyway to farm Umbral shards effectively

  • It’s either PvE or pay bizarre prices at the TP

  • Gotta PvE to increase the trade skills to DIY



You realize your fellow players did not ask for your preferred content to be limited right? Every player pvp or pve thinks the devs should remove the limitations for you pve folks and have been advocating for such since the announcement of the orbs.

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already are after so many arena you stop getting pvp exp.

dont think anyone thinks the dungeon changes are good just post about that instead turning the pvp player against you.