Limit pvp activitys asap

who tf run 15 mutation a day? jesuschrist lol get life

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I don’t think the people here realize that op is being sarcastic and asking they removed the pve gates…

I agree. Too many people are farming opr and arena for the pvp track. I’ve even heard selling arena wins Is a thing now! We must stop these heathens from endlessly running these game modes because I can’t run as many as they do and it’s not fair that I have less faction tokens and pvp track rewards. Limit opr to 15 per week.

uh maxed a new charter and my team got to 600 gs we ran 15 mutations in 3 day it was laz and Farley is not enough shards they are giving us for the low mutations if they are limiting the amount you can run per day it very annoying and make me want to quit leveling a new charter because the amount of shards you get from a m7-m10 is clearly NOT ENOUGH at all if they are limiting it to 25 a week that means i am playing with my same group every day i can’t run mutations because i trust no one ells in the group or they usually mess the run up and Get bronze AND WHEN THEIR A LIMIT OF 25 PER WEEK AND YOU ARE AT 600 GS IT TAKE A LOT MORE THEN 25 DUNGONES TO LEVEL ALL GEAR FROM 600 TO 625 GEAT RERAL ALL THEY ARE TRYING TO DO IS STOP THESE DAM SHARD SELLERS IS ALL THIS INTENCTIONS IS DOING BUT ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IF THE ORB HOLDER ISN’T IN THE GROUP WHEN COMPLETTED THEY AUTOMATICALLY GET BRONZE

I totally agree with this, why should PVE players be punished.
Lets limit 6 ARENA a day, and 30 opr a week
They will never limit either of these. because it would cause the game to lose even more players.
Also lets nerf the Bow even more and while we are at it lets nerf the healer 50% across the board.
because we all know that everything revolves around PVP and not PVE.

I’m not sure ideas that are thought up out of spite, are going to long term lead to a positive outcome…
As in you are upset by something and your logic is to upset someone else so everyone is equally upset. It would be better to ask for a resolution to your grievance rather than asking for others to have a negative experience.

Not sure why this thread was recommended to me but now that I’m here. Make wars give 2000 umbral shards on a win and 1000 on a loss thanks

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Found the shard seller/gold seller.

No reason for a 25-35 minute investment for pve shouldn’t be mirrored in some capacity in pvp? With orbs being unlimited you can run multiple M10’s at 30 minutes each and get 6k shards. Why wouldn’t a 45 minute investment in pvp be somewhere as close to rewarding?

Hello @poffkaaa! Your request has been collected for the developer team. We’ll continue to monitor this thread for additional feedback as well.

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