Link twitch/Sub army gone?

When I logged in before servers went live I had the option to connect my twitch account, that option is now gone and I can’t use the sub army feature. Why?

same issue here, also used to be a “twitch” tab in the settings, thats no longer there

They have it disabled because they were having issues with it Studingo. I think the issue was the server queues and such

Any source material regarding this change? Would like to know if it’s planned to be reimplemented.


I’m sorry about the trouble you had about your missing Twitch option. I’ve reported this to our technical team, and they’re aware of the issue and is working on a resolution

Please try again over the next few hours. These errors are usually corrected shortly after they’re reported.

Situations such as this are rare, and our goal is to help resolve any problems you encounter as quickly as possible. We will post any new information about the issue resolution as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience while we look into this.

There’s a dev post about it, but I don’t remember where it is, someone informed me of it in my channel. and showed me a snippet of the post that talks about twitch link being disabled

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