Linked markets: was i wrong?

When linked markets were announced, we had two groups of people: Doomposters, arguing that this would cause a massive deflation and the original purpose of spreading players across settlements wouldn’t really happen, and people who thought that this change would be a good thing overall.

This is windsward, with 1k players currently online:

Don’t mind my potato graphics btw

Deflation: Although i do not think that prices lowered by merit of linked markets, i do think that prices decreased significantly. The reason? pvp flag.

Pvp flag currently provides a massive luck bonus for every player who doesn’t mind being killed once 30-60 minutes when outside popular areas, and it has been affecting rare drop prices significantly. Take sliver of adderstone for instance:

a week ago, this item was worth 75g minimun, on the most populated SA server*. Less populated servers would usually sell this for 200g

This is the current price:

And it goes further down
Thanks to pvp luck, the luck threshold needed for some rare drops has been significantly lowered, and the more luck you have (30% free luck), the less important trophies are. Think about it: By comparing numbers, everyone who didn’t have trophies pre patch, now gets three major luck trophies for every gathering skill. Thats a big deal.

Its also important to remember that these items have a limited use, once most players already have their bags, voidbent armor, jewerly…they are worthless.

I would appreciate the imput of settlement owners, especially people who previously owned less populated towns, how it affected them so far.


nice, I’m happy with that


Yes, you were. The deflation is the direct result of bots via linked markets. One prime bot area is Monarchs Bluff, where there is a plethora of iron, hyssop, motes and herbs (peppercorn, paprika, basil) and motes. Previously there was indeed benefit to having bots in this area but it was limited because the population using this Auction House was. So, the income generated was limited and the risk vs reward for running this cheat was off.

Now, there is huge opportunity/money and as such there are hoards of bots running through there 24 hours a day. It benefits the few cheaters, and hurts a significant portion of the community who farm in this area and other areas for the same products. This is the primary driver of major deflation across lower tier farmable resources. So, sorry.


The HUGUE supply of sliver of addersone has nothing to do with the pvp luck. Well, nothing may be the wrong word, most of the reason. I usually farm stone without being pvp flagged becasue I get tons of adderstone anyway and they are not worth anything. So this is not due to the pvp luck of that one specific thing. I think ity’s bugged becasue after 1.1 it’s just super common with or without being flagged. They dropped from 800coin to like 100coin on my server even before the patch so people saw it coming, probably from the ptr.


I used sliver as an easy example, but i’ve seen this happen with legendary drops too. Regardless, thank you for the input.

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I can’t really talk about bots because they are less of an issue on SA servers, which is where i play. I’m aware that they are a big deal on other regions, for instance our players here don’t even know that you guys had bots running starting quests for gold farming, weeks ago.

Only thing it proves is people are creatures of habit. I personally avoid these areas since the engine does not handle high numbers very well. Personally, New World should put temporary benefits for using markets and owning houses outside of WW and EF to help shift some of the volume around. Unfortunately, it would just shift resources that are likely needed tackling the huge load of bugs and exploits this game currently has and new ones generated with every patch this game patches.


Makes me wonder what would realistically make people spread a little more. The best solution i could come up with was related to removing luck from gear entirely and adding it to regions instead, with unlinked markets. Windsward gives extra harvesting luck and yield, EF gives extra for logging, and so on. maybe lower crafting, refining and market taxes for that specific region resource too?


Still much to early to know. Any change that has an impact on the economy will cause the economy to over-react. Then prices will begin to pendulum into the new medium value. Supply and demand if the economy is healthy will always cause prices to fluctuate some.

One thing to consider is players that like crafting and gathering haven’t been hit by in game changes as hard as other players have. They continue to do their thing as other players are leaving or taking a break from the game. Prices could be a result of population drops, central banks or better luck.
I expected the price of common and semi rare items to drop significantly when the market went global and only make a very slight recovery if the prices recover at all. Six months down the line I expect rare items to be much more expensive if the population stays stable or increases.

I think removing distance traveled from the equation for cost of quick travel would spread the population out some.


Well, the linked markets didnt change too much… And they didnt help a lot with “giving taxes to other cities”… ^^ Players are lazy and with the new change, that canceled offers land in the storga from where you posted it, its pretty annoying to list from “somewhere else”…

I didnt want the linked markets, but I like it so far… Its good for lazy people and spares me a ton of Azoth :smiley:


In the past there was money to be made moving stuff about. Sorting your low end gear and moving it to starter towns and moving high end stuff to places it was likely to sell.

This was a bit like medieval times were markets were local due to poor transport and communications. As roads improved etc the real world major trade centres got bigger. Clearly anyone with sense would expect the same result linking markets in a game - the centralised markets will get bigger. To expect anything else would be idiotic and show no knowledge of real world economies.

I have not read any previous threads on this but I assume the actual idea behind the change was that the centralised markets that would result from a linked market would work better for low pop servers and the idea was to encourage people to craft and sell out of a single centre like Windward and Everfall. This strategy seems to be working.

The idea was to get players out of the one or two large population centers and have us scattered to the wind. The outlying areas can’t afford upkeep. This change was seen as a way to get players to move to other settlements and do their trading and crafting there knowing their items could be purchased anywhere. We were suppose to move from Windward and Everfall.

windsward was always a popular place on the servers I have seen.

overall, the deflation was never going to be insane, each server only has 2000 people, and most serious players used the main hubs.

the big difference is it killed a type of gameplay involving developing your towns’ markets and providing some trading benefits.

however, there wasn’t enough players playing as caravan traders to make most town’s markets viable. So they had to cut it since without great competing traders, it just lead to dead markets generating little money.

I too made a post about this when it was announced.

I said that it wouldnt encourage people to move to the outer areas, which as it stands, it hasn’t. People have already bought there T4 houses and storage chests in either WW or EF because these are the already established hubs.
This is in the short term though with the current players. Over the life of the game though might prove different, though they will still be limited to the towns that have the best crafting, if they are crafters. So while the change hasn’t done what amazon wanted in the short term, it might in the long run.

Along with being a crafter I also used to buy and sell between towns if there was enough of a decent markup. So the change destroyed that.

I didnt want the link but as someone else has said, it has proven really convenient for lazy people…me being one :yum:

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One market is boring but I think should work best with the tiny servers. At least it is convenient.

I don’t think you even realise why sliver’s price dropped. It has nothing to do with linked markets or pvp flag luck. The main reason it is worthless now is because it’s droprate was multiple times increased by “fixing” the T2-T4 rare material drop rates. Every T2-T4 material that was rare and still worth something is now pretty much worthless as they drop way too often now (you can easily get 20+ adderstones in 1 hour now).
Anyway market is still locked and game is pretty much unplayable, so who cares if they are linked or not…

Is there any place where i can check drop rate changes? For me the drop frequency has changed cause of pvp luck, i’m not aware of what you mentioned.

You can do the same without PVP flag and you’ll still be getting tons of T2-T4 mats (well obviously you still need luck). The change was listed in the changelog:
“we found a probability issue with rare resources from T2/3/4 gathering nodes and resolved it”

I did that test for a few runs and there were noticeable changes between flag and unflagged. But my testing only involved adderstone.

didn’t see this one, thanks!

One of the worst changes in modern mmo… for some this was last joy of this “game”… to play with a market.
Those are also gone, because of absolute snowflakes, who now can stand in everfall 24h a day.

rip nw