Linking ALL Trading Houses? Goodbye! UBERDEFLATION. Patch Update 1.1

Thanks for ruining the main aspect of the game I was playing for. Trading between territories, travelling with different items to sell, flipping them on other TH etc. Was nice to play this game, however I regreted it ends that way without large consultation with the community.

Edit: Patch Update 1.1

Post screens of items that deflated dramatically.

On my server arcana is dead.

Powerful Healh potion from 4-5g to 2.2g

Strong health potion from 2.5 - 4g to 0.85g

This is only 6 hours into the patch

24 hours after patch void ore deflated from 2.9k to 1.7k!

Void ore|690x302


You said something about deflation. Now you are going to see DEFLATION. When all items from all trading houses will compete with lower price.


Where does it say the trading posts will be linked? Can’t find anything about it in patch notes



Riiiiiiiiiip… is this going live today coz i’ve invested a “huge” amount of gold in items im trying to flip on other trading posts…
I kinda feel like they would have included it in the patch notes if they intended it to go live with 1.0.5?


What? Noooooo! I make most of my coin by crafting jewellery and star metal tools and listing them for reasonable prices in towns that others ignore. So the gear I sell now is going to have to be priced at Everfall prices, which mean a loss based on the prices of the raw resources?

Having separate markets was one of the best decisions made in this game. You could farm resources that are only found in certain zones and actually travel to another zone to sell them at much higher prices than if you tried selling in the zone where they’re found.

I’ve stuck with the game despite these exploits, coin sellers, and bugs; this is one change that will get me to say goodbye.


I agree. This feel worrisome and maybe a little hasty. Hope I’m wrong.


All I read was Waaaaaaaah I can’t scam people out of money no more.

I think this is a huge plus. Beats me having to run all over the place to each single town looking for the best prices.


Yeah, but in a game where income is so limited, it could kill blue collar, working-class players who bring things like peppercorns to Ebonscale from Cutlass so they can earn a few extra bucks.


Tell me, how is it a scam to spend time harvesting herbs in one zone for cinnamon, taking the time to travel two zones away, and selling them for a much higher price?

That’s literally how supply and demand works. Supply is high in zones where the resource spawns and lower the further you go; hence the price goes up. People like you who don’t want to pay the premium can travel; those who don’t care to travel pay the premium.

This is a huge part of the pvp gameplay for traders and it’s being flushed down the toilet.



This is not going live this patch so apply pressure to have this change removed from upcoming patched and updates!!!


Ah, good to know. Felt a little hasty. Perhaps a change that needs more feedback, or at least a trial period.


Hellooo? you can check prices on ALL trading posts from any by sellecting all on the list top right corner of the trading post UI. If u’re reffering to having to travel somewhere to buy whatever you want to buy then theres always the alternative to go and farm it your self, this is where you weight the corsteffectiveness of either go farm or go buy.


I really thought this game was doing it different. Now it doesn’t make any sense that our storage’s can’t be accessed worldwide.
I could understand if trading houses were connected like the storage’s, but not this.


The only people who are mad about this change are the ones that have been profiting from this jank ass trading system. Things arent worth what they should be and it generally a big mess. If there was a time for the devs to experiment with solutions, now is the time.


This feature should be implemented but on a much different design. Either have only faction trading posts linked or having another settlement post that function as a sort of mailing post where you can both send/order stuff from your deposits/inventory for a fee, or from other trading posts for extra fee.


I don’t like this change at all. Everyone will just undercut everyone on the global market.

@Tosch @TrevzorFTW @Luxendra :pleading_face: don’t do it


WHy does it need to have both? Trading posts being linked doesnt mean you need to have storage linked.


Well that gives them reason to figure out that issue next then. good. Maybe the massive undercutting problem will find a soluion if enough people get hands on with it