Linking ALL Trading Houses? Goodbye! UBERDEFLATION. Patch Update 1.1

None of the Trading Posts are linked in Ute-Yomigo. Was this supposed to go live today or is it in another big update later this month?

They just released a statement saying they are disappointed with the amount of gold being earned by players in the end game

No, in the November Monthly Release. Today’s was a weekly patch :slight_smile:


@Luxendra thank you for keeping an eye on this topic. Can we determine what is the majority of players who want a change? Because right now I can see more people on this topic are mostly disappointed about upcoming changes after all. A poll or anything would be maybe good if that is a possibility for AGS team to make decisions.


You keep saying stuff like this, but you still haven’t given a count.


I did. Why don’t you make one yourself, it’s not that hard.

You’re the one making the claim; therefore the onus of proof is on you.

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Well then I just said I did a count and found majority xD Dude you don’t know the rhetorics do you?

Global Auction is a great idea. +1


You’ve stated the a majority of players in this thread are against the change. You’ve yet to provide evidence of that claim.


There are smarter ways to redistribute wealth from major trade towns. This is the first thing many people think of but also has large drawbacks. Trading centers could pay a % of their trading tax as upkeep, but they should be paying it towards the current upkeep fees of outer towns. Their change won’t even move players around it just means people who farm resources will set it on Tp closest to their farm and people crafting will stay in the crafting towns.

Defenders are showing up to war naked just so they can pass the money pit onto some other poor sucker. No need for scare-quotes lol, the reality is here.

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I loved the change.


I don’t like this upcoming change one bit. There’s such a thing as having too much convenience in games and it’s not a good thing.

The tradeposts need to remain as they are.


I’m not saying the economy isn’t an issue in those zones. I think it is, and there are better ways to mitigate / solve it (I mentioned one much earlier in the thread).

But I’d also say if a company can’t find a way to fund a settlement, they weren’t ready to own it anyway.

Erm… “now dead towns”… the towns are already dead. This is trying to revive them by spreading out the tax revenue. That has to happen or all the side towns are ghosted already and will be forever.


so Amazon you are creating an Amazon delivery in the game. this is a big mistake. the born of an invisible dhl, fed-ex, ect ect. no competion and all territories will be one after the patch. who have money right now will have more money per item crafted because he can sell it for less everywhere, a new player cant compete, no one can.


this is a case m,ost likely of trying to fix broken economies… and listening to those who scream louder.

yep it’s going to cause deflation, and make WW, EF, and possibly BW as the only trading towns since they’re central and have the most easier to get basic resources.

sure, people would sell higher at other towns, or items like water to ones without the quick access like WW… but what the current system does is encourage trade between towns, trade routes etc. after this change, except for faction bonuses/town affinity, there’s no point in going to the other towns.


You don’t quest in other towns?

Awesome! The way it was said in the update was a little confusing to me. Thank you for the clarification!