Linking ALL Trading Houses? Goodbye! UBERDEFLATION. Patch Update 1.1

Oof, this is a big mistake.


Yeah that’s the thing. Plus with OutpostR Azoth output you can fast travel all the time basicly.

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This is great! I even feel they should be linked across servers like GW2 does.
There is literately no proper buy orders in this game which caused by the amount of population.
A trading post suppose to be huge to make this whole thing work.


Yeah, idk why people are acting like this spells death for the game, it works in other MMOS perfectly.


Because they probably own WW or EF


Guys. I am just gonna make a screen shot of sample items before it goes live and AFTER. I wanna love to show you the deflation


I understand the mindset of the Global Trading Post being a negative thing on the economy, but the current game state does not support the idea of local trading posts. The server population is, on average, way too low. Transporting goods between cities is a nonissue, meaning that resource diversity across territories is near meaningless. Currently, if I wanted to do anything regarding the trading post I’d HAVE to go to the faction hub (Windsward,Everfall) for a decently stocked and priced market.

I believe this is a much needed change for the health of the game.
Everyone disputing the change must be seeing things through rose-tinted glasses and not actually facing the issue at hand.

Sure, the idea of a diverse market economy would be wonderful. That’s not how it’s actually working in game. Not even close.

The only thing that comes to mind is the trading tax; same market with different tax rates.
Since you can buy the same goods from two different territories, people are just going to favor the lower taxed territory. Companies want to generate that income from trading, so naturally this will lower the tax rates unless they all come together like the Gas Station-style price fixing and skyrocket trading taxes.


bro what are you on about?

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i agree, it will be mass undercuts, so give it a few days/weeks, everything will be 1g


This is not like other MMOS. New World Economy is based on crafting, gathering and trading.


without mounts or any form of travel system between towns, this will now make dead towns, atleast being able to flip items between towns made them a little bit worth it, but wont this just straight up make desolate towns with no people in it except those doing the 10 quests before moving on to the next town?


Let me ftfy:

The only people who are happy about this change are the ones who don’t trade or appreciate how difficult it is already to make profit from this trading system that’s full of dropped, uncrafted gear.


You do realize that “buying cheap in one region and selling expensive in another region” is a totally niche thing?
I really hate it that I first have to look where the price is low and then have to travel to another region to buy something and then travel back. Its so time consuming, azoth consuming and simply not fun.
And no, the market will not drop to “everfall prices”, as linking all trading posts doesnt lower the demand. The market will be overall healthier.


No it doesn’t mean it have to be. I just don’t understand why they linked trading posts and not storage. Now the undercutting will be server wide.


Dude it takes 30 seconds. Just put a smart home recall and buy house in proper area. + as one of previous members said. People will just stand by at any place and undercut price. So the demand won’t change but the prices will slump down.


Recent gold exploit + linked trading house (Deflation) = … Less incentive to grind?

It will cut down on travel entirely, more trading will be done where more quests are at. There are more negatives to doing this. I agree that server pops are too low to sustain either route, something needs to be done about that and I think faction balancing is more important because factions are getting wiped and whole factions are leaving servers to find another home, when more server transfers are available it will be another mass exodus.


I feel like they could solve the undercutting problem if they didnt refuse to add NPC vendors and stuff, we need a baseline for mat prices


a huge plus? you wont be able to sell many goods as a casual because now people can sit everywhere and just undercut you in a few seconds like its in WoW allrdy. like it is atm, not so populated towns arent worth doing so for people who sit 24/7 at AH


good, maybe this will give the devs an idea on how to fix the undercut problem, growing pains, brother.

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