Linking the Trading Posts - but in theme

I know that there is a lot of negative feedback around the Trading Posts becoming Linked. For me, in addition to the concerns that have been stated in other threads (ruining the economy etc), it rubs me the wrong way as it seems to break one of the core tenants of the games design. That being that traveling the world is important and necessary to succeed.

I think that there is a way to solve not only the economic concerns revolving around people just buying in the town with the lowest tax, and posting in the town with the lowest tax, but also the core gameplay theme of travel being difficult and the towns being disconnected from each other.

I would propose having the Trading Post being an upgradable portion of the city, like the crafting and refining stations. At Tier 1 (default) auctions posted in that city would only be visible /available in that town. As you level it up, the auctions posted there would be visible in ever growing places, until at Tier 5 - auctions posted their are visible in every city.

This would provide meaningful choices for towns to upgrade and grow outside of being competing crafting centers, and would allow players/companies/factions to decide which towns to grow in the way that they want - while still accomplishing the stated goal of boosting the economy and allowing players to purchase items in less populated zones.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this! :slight_smile:

personally, I think the trading posts NEED to be connected, because its literally RUINING the economy the way it is now… everyone is flocking to either Everfall or Windsward which makes maintaining the other towns increasingly difficult, so by merging the trading posts, it fixes it…

My idea would be to have the taxes split, so, say, i buy something in everfall, but im in Monarchs, I would have to pay the full amount of taxes due for monarch and a portion due for everfall, plus the full asking price of the item, and then i would need to wait like, say, an hour before the item would appear in my inventory, doing it like this, fixes the current issue with everyone only posting and buying in just those two places, and allows the other places to also become financially better in the process

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Merging the Trading Posts is a terrible, terrible idea. It will be an undercut fest and it will make some towns ghost towns. HORRIBLE IDEA . There is NOTHING WRONG with the system in place. You’re ruining the game. Mark my words as a 20 year MMO vet. I cannot be more emphatic about this.

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