Linking Trade Posts is a recipe for economic disaster, here's why

The only one that benefits from this change is the company who holds such town. Anyone trying to make some money will make nothing.

Currently, water in Weavers is a premium due to limited access, where as in Windsward, its literally at your foot running through town.

I’m assuming this change is so people don’t need to travel.

I know with everyone currently price chopping others, this will only get worse and all mats will be priced down to .01 in a matter of weeks.

I currently sell roughly 60k items spread through out Aeternum. If this happens no one will be able to fund wars or pay taxes, the money will dwindle to nothing. Towns will go into default because of low trade fees, lack of house buying.

I urge AGS to reconsider this dangerous move. If their economists are in fact professionals and not just coders, they should know how this will destroy the economy.

And yes I will be slightly effected as I primarily use the buy order function to get items wholesale to see. Its a great game mechanic that I love, especially since I am a day trader.

I’m just one person in a huge pot but I’m sure most will agree they dont want to spend 2 hours gathering green wood only for 10k units to be worth 90 coin.

People will be able to craft the best gear, best weapons and not have to work for it. All the grind will go out the window to ACHIEVE these high level build items. Did I mention towns will go bankrupt?


The minority of people making money by running to other towns to sell is nowhere near the amount of people who are using their own gold to keep outlying towns afloat.

Outlying towns need to learn volume, we’ve done it and succeeded, off very low taxes or a tax abatement program, offer very low merchant fees, offer low crafting fees. A town company should have minimum 4 weeks of faction payments to run the town. But a tax abatement program works. It would be nice to have a internal town message center, whereas if you own a house, the town company can send out messages what is happening.

As a former city commissioner, in RL, a tax abatement worked wonders for our community, it could work the same in the way this game is setup. 1st week lowest taxes possible, 2nd week, 1% raise 3rd, 4th, 5th till a steady 5-6% tax rate is met.

Those running a town need to be smart and logistical.

It is a game…

It’s a game. With taxes.

Ergo, it’s part of the game.

@Luxendra Could these threads be merged into a single mega-thread for the devs to track? There’s a dev note in the other one that says devs are watching feedback there. Might be good to just put feedback all in one place so players don’t have to re-post their opinions everywhere, nor keep spamming new topics to try to get heard. PvPers already do this with their topics and it is extremely repetitive and tedious.

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Yeah… I don’t think the majority of players care that much about the economy. From a gameplay perspective this is a significant quality of life improvement that’ll make the game much more bearable for 99% of players, sucks to be part of that 1% who’ll be affected negatively by this I guess

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Restless shore and cutlass are problem areas due to being hard to reach and lack of mats, but again if you have a large company budget and want that town, then be ready to fund it. Currently those couple areas are high level only, more people will need to rank up before exploring but that time will come. The other idea the devs could do, is to more closely match levels between areas, keeping high level areas in white out zones.

And it should be hard to acquire rare items.

Neither Restless Shores or Cutless are high level areas???

They will care when they can buy anything for nothing and craft nothing because towns cant afford upgrades to stations.

They are, making them hard to reach.

Oh noes, think of the poor water farmers…

I don’t think people will complain about this, and yea they can just change the settlement upkeep costs

youre aware 90% of trading happens in 1-2 towns in every server regardless right? this change will do nothing but let people settle in the towns they actually like instead of WW.

local markets was good when it was forced PvP and resource running/trade routes were legitimate gameplay loops but its completely irrelevant now with flagging and zero risk resource gathering.

they also stated that local taxes still apply so territory still holds value and increases competition between clans because higher taxes will actually make people leave instead of forcing them to deal with it because all of the other markets are empty compared to WW and EF.

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