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This is wrong skin for the item. Confused with the skin below

Wrong dungeon. Buttons messed up. Cilla bridge doesnt appear

After february patch house loads like this when recalling to house

Moved server from hades to Dry Tree and feb patch caused camping not to work

@m4g1C Thanks for providing this to us. We will get this immediately to the team!

OPR Bug/exploit:

  1. Enemy monk runs around the fort in circles attacking long range the respawn tower of the fort.
  2. Despite having wraith and guardian chasing him the player simply climbs on rock next to the monster shrine loses aggro and continues on attacking tower from outside luna fort.
  3. Healer/Rapier making it still impossible to kill, climbing on rocks to lose aggro from guardians and almost impossible to kill while doing damage to the tower from outside fort.

Normal Dynasty last boss loses HP bar after 50%

Players getting stuck on left of first bridge in genesis.

Item with both attributes maxed out. Legendary but is 597GS

Stats without the item in question equipped


Stats with item equipped. Clearly gives both Intelligence and Focus.

Shows my character party icon being 12Km away when in invasion

Hovering back and forth between those two items drops health pots (visually) but doesnt actually place them in the inventory. I have sent this to mods in DM but no response. This was a while back

Items dropped by mobs in OPR are labelled as discarded items. Must be a better name for the loot dropped by a mob than “Discarded Items”

Boss at Dynasty leaps back into cage and cant attack

Made the tent and got caught inside

Few from my side:

  1. Fireball sometimes did not damage to the target, I fired fireball skill and it just disappears
  2. Sliding animation after dodging in light armour - after dodge and when we try to use potion change weapon it is impossible because the animation of running is wrong and the character move in a strange way, sliding and the potion usage is delayed or extended the same happen with skill/change weapon. It impossible to dodge in specific direction - > still run → use potion/swap weapon.
  3. Dodge should cancel the skill queue, it’s sometimes impossible to move/dodge if we start casting skill and then use dodge. It causes some problems during the expedition and PVP, unable to dodge incoming attacks from player/boss mutation mechanics.
  4. Drinking potions delay/queue I need to use many times potion buttons before it’s really happening, when I need fast healing I just need to spam my potion button, the problem occurs mostly after dodge, stand up after knockdown by mob etc.
  5. Genesis expedition: last boss (and not only on the last boss, but it can also happen everywhere) - revive players that are on edge of the arena cause an instant dead without even animation of revived - players are unable to stand up, heal or be healed. The boss didn’t attack the player or any aoe dmg effect.
    5.1 Revive should give immunity for 1-3s because sometimes just after revive boss/mob instantly kills player - player is unable to even drink potion because of time and animation of it, mob attack instantly on revived player or collision - player sometimes is pushed into the wall/barriers etc. and after revived it just died or can’t move.
    5.2 2nd boss in Genesis: The special “wave” skill that this boss can use. Inside the circle, this skill can easily kill all parties at the same time. The problem is that skill hitting the barrier that this boss create and then continue normal move hitting players many times at once. After hitting the barrier this wave should disappear instead of continuous casting. This wave covers more than 50% of the area that this boss creates around him.
    5.2.1 Adds that spawned during the “circle phase” the mobs sometimes don’t die when the boss dies or spawned after the boss died. It sometimes can cause the death of party members because they didn’t notice that the mobs spawned during they checked the loot in inventory or something.
  6. Void gauntlet - Void Blade - this skill should be a type of skill to ON/OFF or fixed asap… in many times when we try to fast use that skill the skill queue remember what we did and we use this skill twice so You lose the void blade and got instant cooldown on that skill.
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@dreedzik We’re sorry that you’ve been experiencing many issues with New World. We’re always looking to find a balance between our game mechanics, and will pass your feedback to our team for further review hopefully some of this issue can get sorted out soon. If we receive updates, we will make sure to provide them here!

I added some points and edit the post.

This is the thread of @m4g1C not @dreedzik, also the game has many many many bugs all player experience every single day they play. Please make sure you provide this information in the thread without such blant mistakes.

Game recommendations:

1. Easily switch between armor and weapon sets.
Create wardrobe system for armor /weapons to easily switch between each armor set you want to use and avoid having so much armor pieces in inventory and going through each one depending on what you want to do.

2. Skill Tree Sets
Create skill sets to easily switch from PvP and PvE. A lot of people dont play either gameplay as they want to avoid switching or respeccing their skill tree

Class Suggestion: Summoner

Addition of a Minion Summoner would be great. Wouldn’t take a lot of coding either to be honest as most of mobs are already found in game. Minions can have health degeneration so they wont be up forever and have to be recast.

Some of their skills could summon existing earth units such as

  • Muddy Minion - Staff-wielding creatures that shoot blighted projectiles at players from a distance.
  • Genesis Archer - Standard ranged unit. Light and easy to kill.
  • Genesis Fiend - Standard trash mobs which are weak and easy to kill but can be dangerous in numbers and cause explosive damage upon death (maybe explosive and disease or poison)
  • Genesis Hive - Allows players to cast hive which periodically summons Genesis Fiends
  • Genesis Soldier - Standard melee unit equipped with a two-handed crystal mace. Uses a whirlwind attack that hits pretty hard all around the Soldier. (Could be the End Skill at the bottom of the Summoner Tree)

Two tree skill trees one being Summoner minion master tree and another dealing damage over time skills.