List of frustrations/requests

  1. unable to toggle specific gathering items to tracker
  2. too few fast travel points OR lacking mounts/other travel methods
  3. quests seem arbitrarily placed far away. to pad average play time? seriously wtf
  4. link storage between similarly controlled cities?
  5. weapon swap is VERY slow
  6. arbitrarily expensive materials for crafting. Why do I need silver to smelt gold??
  7. wood requirements for charcoal should lessen for better quality wood
  8. I just hate the heal targetting system. Anyone running in front of my cursor may take a heal intended for the tank (and taking off targetting is NOT feasible for single target heals)
  9. herb/mining/logging xp scaling/distribution RE levelling (eg skinning scales off mob size/level, why do I have to farm 100000 silver ore to get from 50 to 100 mining)
  10. Dungeon finder PLEASE. don’t have to include teleports if it’s “too easy” or whatever
  11. need the ability to see only group chat or only whispers. multiple tabs where we can have these would be preferred. or just ability to individually toggle each instead of just picking one to view or all.
  12. please add daggers for a rogue class
  13. fishing xp is abysmally low for how long it takes to fish
  14. maybe also scale fishing xp based on area or type of fish caught? if the latter, also add fish exclusive to certain regions
  15. quest locations on the map are EXTREMELY inaccurate when zoomed out. very frustrating when trying to take a glance for the general area and end up 1 km away
  16. ability to sort by DPS/“Damage” on auction house
  17. ability to search results in auction house / not sure if BUG that I’m unable to?
  18. ability to sort by +stat in auction house (if unable to search)
  19. auction house page transitions are very slow and frustrating when selling many items
  20. linked auction houses? even if only between similarly controlled territories
  21. ability to switch territory standing benefits (at a cost or whatever)
  22. quests are generally just fetch, kill, or loot chests. very boring
  23. certain loot chest quests either have too low drop rate or have too few chests in too big an area
  24. other races?
  25. more variety in creature types?
  26. limited amount of characters able to be created (YEAH I can multi spec weapons, but people who like to have a ton of characters are severely hindered)
  27. outfit/gear swap system needed
  28. secondary spec swap system? (save attributes/gear for two different builds and switch between them at a cost)
  29. loading when entering/exiting my house exists… why? or at least have an auto transition without the button press
  30. swimming is lol.
  31. great axe CDs seem a bit long :c maybe that’s just me but I’d like to be able to have execute on 15 sec or something. or a way to refund some cd
  32. maybe consider cancelling current auto attack animations when pressing block? and swap
  33. easier way to view city workbench tiers en masse?
  34. sort quest log by area
  35. “you are leaving without checking in” is unnecessary as hell. if we had storage that went across cities, yeah, sure, that’s useful to know. but we don’t so I only want to recall to that one city.
  36. upgrading to gladiator status quest gives NO information on where to go or who to talk to (might be a bug)
  37. I HAVE to be the owner of the amazon account to post here? I checked with support and they will not add any other email, even as secondary, for purpose of notifications and such on the forums. just. lol. my family will think we got hacked and probably clog up other tech support, just because I wanted to know if someone replies to my thread. also it says “primary” under email in account settings, implying a secondary can be used. but when I mentioned that they requested a screenshot- but couldn’t receive emails from non amazon accounts.
    TLDR shitty amazon things on the support side (nothing against the actual rep. she tried/did what she was supposed to do I guess) and I’m risking my mum’s blood pressure to post grievances for a game
    edit: I’ve heard similar things from other people seeking support. basically politely told to F off
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