List of reason why players are leaving this game

  1. Armor Repairs - Its so easy to die and get damaged armor and if you dont have repair parts, you’ll have have to do the most meticulous way to get them which is hours of farming for weapons and armors you dont need in order to salvage them and even thats not enough to repair all of your armors, you’ll have to make sure you have the coins for it too which is ridiculously alot!

Suggestion - Either take away the armor repair parts and lower the cost to repair armors or increase the amount of armor repair parts you get from salvaging and lower the cost.

  1. Transportation - Transportation needs to be improved. Even after the update, still doesnt help, still cost alot and it’s time-consuming especially if Azoth is required to craft items and teleport to town. Not to mention you cant even teleport to a town unless you’re in a settlement. You can RECALL to an INN or your house (if you even have one) but thats it, it’s like no mercy for the players.

Suggestion - Improve your transportation aspects of the game without punishing us with consuming our Azoth or running far areas or give us a mount.

  1. Dungeons - You MUST have an orb and 3 players to get into the dungeon. This needs to be improved. Like nobody got time for this, the game is beautiful but there’s way better games that dont punish players for everything from Dungeons to PVP or World Bosses. I know players dont even bother going to dungeons for reasons of it’s restrictions.

Suggestion - Remove the requirement for Orbs in order to get into dungeons. If you’re afraid of players farming dungeons then put a lock out time but please REMOVE the stupid orbs. WTF, people cam here to enjoy a game but it feels like you’re pushing them to go play the previous game they really enjoyed and steal their money to buy this game. You’re starting to feel like that failed game, “Bless Online” LOL

  1. Crafting - Uhhh like holy crap. You need to seriously fix this. You basically need extreme ammount of resources just to craft 1 Tier 1 armor. Not to mention you have to gather rawhides/fibers to use to craft the next tier resource. But nope you have to waste all of that you’ve gathered to complete a few quest that requires a handful of these resources so you’re basically wasting your time going back to gather more.

Suggestion - Decrease the cost of the resources you need to craft especially Tier I resources. Either that or make Tier I resources for Tier I craft items and Tier II resources for Tier II craft items. Remove the need of Tier I requirement for Tier II items. People didnt join this game to be punished for real life stuff we already deal with such as taxes and surviving. We enter a game to get away from the real world.

  1. Food - Satisfying Meal requires RARE MEAT which rarely drops so you’ll have to make useless Light Meals to heal only a tiny portion that last only a couple seconds which you’ll need about 20 to full heal you if you’re between level 45 - 60. Heck, even the light staff heals more than that. Might as well make this game only use Light Staff since meals are basically useless and cost tons of resources to make.

Suggestion - Increase the drop rate for these rare meats thats required to make even 1 Satisfying meal. Either that or reduce the requirements to make a Tier IV meal.

  1. Non-player Enemies - Seriously, the respawn rate of these enemies are ridiculous. Not to mention they hit hard (even if you’re 5 levels higher than them) especially when that enemy aggros 5 more. So lets say you kill them all, before you can even kill the last one, 2 more spawns and chases and attacks you especially archers and marksmens.

Then you die and break all of your armor and go through what I explained in Armor Repairs and waste more time running back if you forget to put up a tent because you’re so deep in the enemy area that you cant put up a tent there unless you run all the way outside of that territory to put a camp up.

Suggestion - Please lessen your enemy spawn rate and their damage. It feels like fighting a damn mini boss for every enemy even Wolves. Im surprised that Rabbits dont kill you with a hop.

  1. Camps and Weight - Whats the point of the Craft function when setting up a tent when majority of your resources are in the storage at a settlement? Since yall made it punishable to carry items then why would players carry resources when they need that precious weight space to carry items they really need such as weapons and armors, ammo, potions, and food? Whats the point of it?

Suggestion - Remove or decrease the weight restrictions. if we wanted to have that restriction but not as punishable, thats what Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online is for and even those games at the state of your game is more enjoyable right now. As for the camp, if the Craft feature is still what you want to keep, maybe have it link to the storages across Aeternum.

  1. Regions and currency - The servers need to be merged. When yall opened the can of worms to transfer characters to different servers, you broke everything for other servers and now it’s so empty at our servers. Not to mention, settlements are stuck with low tier workshops and crafting areas because it cost so much to upgrade and you dont make as much coin in the game unless you’re lucky enough to have someone else buy it from you in an empty server. No one is rich with coin especially when you have to waste so much of it on repairs, crafting, saving for a home, taxes, and marketplace.

As for regions, whats the point of Factions if 1 server have majority of the regions? Punish a player that chose a faction that is not dominant in that server so now they cant even benefit from almost all settlements that the dominant faction rules especially for lower level players.

Suggestions - INCREASE the drop rate for coins and reduce the requirements for everything that uses coins. MERGE your servers. Who wants to play this game when it’s so punishing and not enjoyable.

If players have anything else to add such as PVP issues please add your comments below.



You just mentioned everything I wanted to say perfectly. Thanks

-Stagger being removed forcing braindead gameplay
-No quality control forcing braindead gameplay
-Left click spam forcing braindead gameplay
-Every some intelligent plays are also forcing braindead gameplay
-Winning is done through forced braindead gameplay
-Winning feels like nothing as nothing is lost nor gained through forced braindead gameplay
-Loosing is achieved through braindead gameplay
-No incentive to pvp and now war because of enforced braindead gameplay
-Even if Stagger comes back the gameplay will still enforce braindead gameplay
-Further gimmicks like honing stones and haste potions in war enforce braindead gameplay
-People happy others weapons are being nerfed because of braindead gameplay
-People sad because their braindead weapon is making them play using braindead gameplay
-People are leaving as they are realizing that they don’t know to play an enforce braindead gameplay
-Honeymoon phase is over as more and more realize this is actually a braindead gameplay
-Pve wanted to play this game now not only stopped playing because they too think pve is braindead gameplay but also collectively swarmed and made this game dull for pvp who are equally braindead.
-No full loot on death

• Main quests are unrewarding: New World is the only MMO where Main quests are irrelevant (except for expeditions), what’s the point having a level 40+ main quest that gives only 1,2k or 2k XP if other MMOs give at least 30% or 40% XP per level. I’m tired of running from town to town just for spamming town board quests…

Seriously - how do you not have repair parts?! I’m maxed out almost all the time AND I make repair kits!

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