List of unannounced patch changes

  • Weavers Knot (double luck ring) was nerfed; one luck perk removed, 8% crit added.

  • Some of my shields were downgraded from epic tier to uncommon tier and lost perks

  • Dark Phoenix shield had its durability increased from 300 to 3000

  • All(?) of the gathering set gear (Miner’s Harvester’s etc) was deleted, with the exception of fishing gear

  • Fishing trophies now have icons (no more “placehlder”)

  • Components needed to craft Infused health potions (and likely other potions) dramatically increased (this was hinted at in the notes). Now requires Infused Alkahest (1 water, 10 hyssop, 1 azoth water) + medicinal, earth and spirit reagents

  • When you exit your house, you now face away from it instead of towards it


T4 Harvester gear being removed

Its extremely shady for a company to do ninja patches and dont inform the community


Didnt you hear, you dont need harvesting gear anymore. Just flag for pvp.

Wait, what. They removed harvesting gear from the game?

And were expected to believe they are not trying to force pve players to pvp now on top of the luck bonus for flagging… just lol

And I thought people were leaving. Look all these new players.

If you are not new, is it your first update? Not like they didn’t break stuff after last patches as well.


Rename this to megathread so everyone can report their findings here and we can help them write the correct patch notes later

Standing at a storage shed and being busy sorting your inventory and trying to make best use of the scarce available space now flags you as being afk even when you are actively putting in / taking out items.

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The specific goldseller report option “selling gold” is gone from the chat report menu.

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Are they still selling gold? Have not seen one in at least 2 weeks on my server.

Me neither, but just now there was one again and I tried to do the “Selling gold” report and it is gone. Did spam report instead ><

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"Potion Crafting Update

We felt that some of the higher-tier core potions (particularly Health Potions and Mana Potions) were a little too difficult to craft, so we updated the recipes to craft these items and introduced a new alchemical component to do so: Alkahest.

Alkahest is crafted by distilling the magical herbs found throughout Aeternum and serves as a reliable and potent base for potions going forward."

Soooooooo, how it is easier for crafting infused health potions going from:


Where is the easier part of crafting this as you mentioned on parch notes? I can’t see it…

300 INT passive reduced from 30% damage to 10%.

I didn’t see it in the notes last I checked at least.

Elite chests give like 1 piece of loot a pop now

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Mob zerg scaling

Drastically reduced mob spawns at farm in Monarchs Bluff where you can harvest Barley. That’s where everyone who knew about it would speed level their weapons once you hit level 60. You could group up a dozen mobs, one shot them all, gain 24 or so weapon XP per kill, and run back around to gather more with the fast spawn times.

Now barely any mobs spawn there.

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