Literally the most inconvenient times for these updates

Well now I cant play for 11 hours, this fuckin sucks, bro.

It’s gonna be inconvenient for someone. You got the short end of the stick.

EST and EU too it seems. i feel bad for the euro bros

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11hours watchu talking about the update is done in 34 minutes?

Why u can’t?

I literally don’t care when they update. Just as long as they update frequently. I wish they could take the game down for a couple of hours every two days, if it updated the game more frequently.

They needed to update when they did because of game-breaking bugs…
Do you want a game that is playable or a game that is broken?

I know I want a game that is playable and will be glad of any update at any time.

sometime i ask my self did i pay bew world for playing? or just for watching it in Maintenance lmao since yesterday 4 Maintenance??? u joking?

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