Little bit rebalance cooking

Hello everyone! This message more for devs.

So my suggestion is improve a bit cooking and make low-tier recipes still viable.
In my opinion you can make same systeam as in arcana. I mean for make food a tier higher you need put low rank food.

I’ll give you an example. At starting cooking we have 1000 points of luck for any gathering profession. And then i suggest add on 1400 point of luck food from 1000 points. Also can do it with any low tier food into mid and mid into high tier.
Its make low/mid-tier food still viable.

What do you think about this guys?



not even sure what you’re saying…explain?

You have 1-5 tiers in cooking, so im saying about share tier1 food with tier2, tier2 with tier3, etc…

gotcha…still no idea but thank you.

If you use low rank food to make high rank food gl getting all the stuff you need for the food.

This is a image of how much each Ingrideant is used total in tier 5 recipies which are actually used commonly. If you would have to start at tier 1 foods and work your way up to tier 5 foods, the prices would sky rocket of the mats you need. Imma take a pass but thx.
EDIT: If you want ill expand this list and you will see what I mean.

Tarragon required for a t2 recipie, i am done !
Make no sense since it only respawn in Reek Water


New World was meant for Territory Control and Faction PVP ! They screwed it bit by bit.

A friend told me they remake the game 4 times in arrows to please the community !

Tarragon respawn also in Brimstone with garlic :slight_smile: