Loadouts (Returning player here)

I assume this post isn’t an original take. When are we getting loadouts for Gear or specs? Has there been chatter about Amazon giving this to us at some point? Its kinda a pain to playing Hammer/great axe to wanting to play bow/spear.

How do other players go about this? I have started to make the different storages have certain loadouts. so my everfall storage is for my Spear/bow build. My reekwater storage is for my great axe/hammer build. Its the only work around that I have thought of but its still kinda a pain.


I can’t tell you how other players are managing this but yes, it was mentioned in a previous developer video that inventory management was being worked on.


does that include spec as well? it would be nice to be able to have spec loadouts for the different scenarios players will be in from the different content.

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It would be great to get some kind of timeframe on this feature if possible. This is a very hot topic these days and I think most would really appreciate to get some more details

All of the information I have, I’ve provided above.


I appreciate the reply.


It would be awesome to get some updated information on this and a timeline on when this will make it into the game. This is one of the biggest quality of life features we’ve been asking for, for close to a year. Maybe a Developer Video Short just on this topic? :pray:

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When the devs are ready they’ll give you information. Begging for information from a community manager isn’t going to get you some secret sneak peak.

Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease.

Only way is to filter your storage by gear score so you know which sets are near which GS. For refining sets I refine everything in one city. Otherwise they’re no miracle solution, I probably bought a ton on duplicate gear because I thought I didn’t have it anymore lol

We need this. Inventory management is a nightmare and this is a huge QoL improvement. I’m lugging around with me at any time about 5-8 different sets of gear and switching between them is a major pain.

This really doesn’t work either especially for anyone running ward sets for expeditions. I have a completely different set of gear for each role for each creature type on top of gathering sets and crafting sets.

The only thing that works is keeping the ward sets in a specific bank near that expedition but, that still leaves 3 sets to sort through minimum.

Then you get into situations like BB where you need to have 2 sets of gear on you and swap them out for the final boss.

  1. spec loadout would be great. add some kind of a cooldown timer if they want - but for me personally, and maybe some others?, if i could have a spec for str, one for dex, one for int, etc etc, that i could change to back and forth it would really increase the lifetime of the game. each loadout would have everything - skillpoints, gear, attributes, etc. — this might also make it easier for groups for various activities if players have specs they can change to in order to fill various and needed roles.

  2. it might be nice if they started to lessen the weight of crafting stuff slowly over time. this would mean you could have more in storage. if they need to leave weight of armor and weapons alone so that if you are in heavy gear you cannot dodge-roll that is fine.

For gathering gear, if you used the named sets you can search by name.

I don’t use the named sets, but rather gear with a gem slot and then I color code these. For example, my wood cutting gear has sapphires in them and is also dyed solid blue. This helps me find it in my inventory and also remind me visually which suit is on.

Luck gear of course has all pearls. Refining gear stays in the town I am refining. Good gear that I am not using is in a different town.

Everything else is just a pain, though.

An idea for the loadouts is to link it with the wardrobe in player houses. So you can save sets at the wardrobe and as long as you have the gear in your storage, you can equip the loadout.

It should also account for respec aswell, where you can save you spec with the loadout and respecing would be free.

Low tier wardrobes would only give you a couple loadouts wail the higher tier wardrobes would allow for more loadouts.

Just a thought.

I like this idea. I forgot about the professional gear. I always thought that having gear that was dedicated to gathering professions like Mining, lumberjack, herbalism, etc was silly. I like to play with PVP on and when I go out in the world I am less likely to want even flag for pvp if I am wearing gear that is for gathering stuff so I can get a better chance at gathering more stuff or of higher quality stuff.

IMO i would like to see them get away from the gathering professions gear for Mining, Skinning, harvesting etc and add the bonuses to be part those tools that you carry with you. I like to play with PVP mode on and I have 0 interest in putting on gear just to go out in the world and gather stuff. If I am out and about in the world I want to do it all while I am out. Maybe knock out some quest, get in a conflict with another flagged player, gather some stuff etc. I like to gather stuff and work on professions but I would rather be wearing the gear that I have created or looted.
I would like to see them add those bonuses that were on the gear to the tools that you purchase or create.

I can maybe understand the gear for jewelcrafting, engineering, Armorsmithing, Blacksmithing, cooking etc

Also how its setup now is just a pain because its just more gear that you have to keep track of. Its not much a pain for me because I dont bother with gear for gathering. Now I will put on gear if I am trying to level engineering/weaponsmithing/armorsmithing etc but I think for the gathering its silly.

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I have a post requesting the same feature:

Players wanted this for a very long time but what are we getting reworked leveling 1-25,

I have every class’s gear in each storage. Bruiser Everfall, Mage First Light etc. Yea but presets for gear, skills are needed is good QoL improve.

Long time a go i ask it to…