Lock Maramma plz

you haven’t been able to farm for the past week since the server transferred came out everyone flocking to a server again only to get locked u are all dum no one on this server want more people we have enough at peek time we don’t want 2 hours down time to farm the rest is by bots IRL wtf plz @Developer @Kay plz for the love of god lock it before it gets to large or even has a que time because if let the bot decide when to lock a server u have already killed it

Yeah about 3 weeks ago the server was healthy balanced server with a nice population.Then a big influx of new PvP companies and bots over the last two weeks.

AGS will never learn that balancing servers is more then just filling servers to max capacity by mergers and then allowing server transfers.

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Hey there @BlazeinPhoenix

Sorry to hear about the difficulty in farming materials and the long downtime.
We try to have balanced servers with a fair amount of players on each.

Will pass the comment on to devs so they can be aware and evaluate server population.
Thank you for the feedback.
Thank you as well @Poppa_Snipe

Hope you have a great week.
Happy gaming!

No you don’t you promote gold sellers to transfer to low pop to try to farm rather than merging. Pay to win trash.

Hey there @Player01,

We don’t mean gold sellers to take up space and spam or scam players. Also don’t promote them to transfer to low pop servers. Sorry you had a bad experience with them.

You can tell us about it and will gladly send the feedback on to devs, might be useful to prevents others from experiencing similar.


in what world or universe does this happen in because it ant new world servers ever server has died because of a large influx of new players (PVP only) u need or decrease the cap of ever server to 1200 ands call it their that enough do they even realize the amount of resources 1 person need to do ANYTHING in new world is INSANE and legit the only thing you can farm is trees if u don’t want 2 to 5 people contesting you for a node of anything or a bot on a round trip the game has come to the point for me that i NEED resource but you are basically FORCING PEOPLE TO SERVER TRANSFUR BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH ALL THE PEOPLE AND BOTS AND THE JUST PURE LACK OF CALUCLATION OF HOW MANY NODE PER PLAYER U NEED IN THE GAME SO IT ACTUALLY ANT A PAIN AND ADDING MORE RESOURCE I THE NEXT PATCH FIXES NOTING U DON’T HAVE THE SERVER POPULATION ON PTR TO RELIZE IT WILL DO NOTHING BY ADDING ORI NODE OR ANY RESOURES BECAUSE THEIR JUST TOO AMNY PEOPLE ON THE SMALL MAP COME ON LOCK MARMMA PLZ FAST OR IT WILL DIE

stopped farming two weekss ago and took a break. used to be able to get motes and azoth water and make a good amount per hour, now its impossible.

the devs don’t learn at all they say their going to be a double ep weekend and u can farm not a thing even worse than before because even the rich are greedy now even the people with MAX everything are greedy for resources because of the dam altitude chest. like holey cow just say the hour before u release double exp don’t give them days to screw the entire server over

Hey @BlazeinPhoenix,

We really thought double xp would compensate for the hard grind, didn’t expect to back fire.

Fair enough. Will pass the comment.

Having issues getting motes @kbn90? we actually filled supply chests, some enemies and other boxes with them to compensate… Will pass the comment too.

Thanks for your comments, we do appreciate the feedback and will use it to improve the game.


wait let me get this straight his server is over loaded there locked cant get any nodes and your giving them double xp this helps there under 60s not sure what it dose to there over 60s which are all like max everything at this point. Other then of course slap them in there face for the much harder grind they had to then the new players have. Accept all there vets and myself on a diffrent server all grinded our buts off to get where we were heck i even rember gettig 600s till devs dailed us back to 590 for gs release. Our orginals have been put threw hell like this poor gentelman and its not really fair to give everyone else a free ride i get it.

duble exp will Kill off any remaining players that worked HARD AND SPENT THE TIME TO LEVEL THEIR SKILLS THAT don’t include ANY person that has bought anything for tp FOR OVER 25K or has held and territory to level skills which is basically another slap in the face to people THAT HAVE SPEN HOURS TRYING TO LEVEL ME HERE ONLY GOT 20 LEVEL IN 2 WEEKS FARM TREES FOR AND HOUR EVERY DAM MORING IM SO DONE WIL SKILL OR LEVELING BECUASE AT THIS POINT U ARE PLOYING TO GET PEOPLE BACK AND DON’T CARE ABOUT THE POELE THAT WORKED HARD AND SPENT HOURS LEVELING and tx for the responses for the community team ty ty

Hey @BlazeinPhoenix,

I understand. Thanks for letting us know about this.
Happy to help.
Hope you keep enjoying the game.


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