Locked BOE Items issues

With the latest update. The locked Bind On Equipe items is being displayed as “Bound To Player” (a quick fix is to unlock the item the status will be changed to Bind On Equip).

The issue is not here only, when you double click on the item it will instantly be equipped without the old warning that we used to see “This item will become bound to you if you equip it…”.
Just imagine the number of BIS Items that will be equipped accidentally.

Can we have a quick fix for that, please…

This is more applicable in #bug-reports and there’s a thread there: Locked boe items are bop now - #3 by JakeL

Not talking about the bug you mentioned.
I’m talking about “double-clicking” a none equipped locked item that will not show any sort of warning.

I mean the cause is the same. :person_shrugging:

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